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Why perform New Yorkers hate New Jersey so much? (Hudson: apartment complex, houses)
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Hehehe. I am not really certain, as a son I was constantly about adults that would talk negatively about New Jersey. They"d contact northern NJ a wasteland, trash-dump, factory filled crapper, and also if LA was the armpit of the US, NJ as the hole that relieved the US body of its waste. You might say I picked up it, because whenever before someone mentions NJ, going to or being from NJ, I vomit a tiny little bit in my mouth and also cringe. A don"t foracquire the bridge and tunnel stigma (concerning the Holland, Lincoln and also GWB).*Before anyone attacks - my article is obviously exaggerated*
New Yorkers hate other boroughs and people from various other boroughs( various other than their borough) so why wouldn"t they hate New Jersey and also people from New Jersey ?They hate Long Island also and Long Islanders as well, so do not take it personally.

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Many New Yorkers don"t even have a clue as to what NJ is beyond the components alengthy the Hudson or the Turnpike (wbelow those smelly refineries are). Our office relocated last October from Manhattan to Jersey City. One woman, that stays on the reduced east side, cannot grasp that I still have a 90-minute commute to job-related. She shelp, "How deserve to that be possible once you already live in Jersey?" I guess map skills and geography aren"t taught in NYC schools. Then you have actually the various other type who think everyone in Jersey lives in large dwellings via massive backyards. I had actually a frifinish who spent her first thirty years in Manhattan prior to marrying someone from Bergen County. Eincredibly time we passed an apartment complex she would exclaim, "I can"t believe tright here are all these apartments in New Jersey!" And then tright here are the ones we get on the NJ forum who think they"re going to find a two-bedroom apartment in a safe tvery own for under $1000 bereason it"s New Jersey, or a house in a nice submetropolitan tvery own through a huge yard, excellent schools, and a 45-minute commute for $250K.