Medically reviewed by Debra Sullivan, Ph.D., MSN, R.N., CNE, COI — Written by Amanda Barrell on July 16, 2020

Many people are familiar through having actually swollen or puffy eyes from crying or sleeping. In most cases, fluid retention in the tworry roughly the eyes is responsible.

The clinical term for the skin approximately the eyes looking swollen or puffy is “periorbital puffiness.” The cause is typically edema, swelling led to by the retention of fluid, which have the right to take place due to crying or throughout sleep.

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This puffiness generally goes away on its own, though a perkid have the right to take actions to mitigate the swelling.

Below, learn why crying or sleeping have the right to reason swollen, puffy eyes, and find tips for reducing the swelling. We additionally look into health and wellness problems that have the right to reason this issue and also when to view a medical professional.

Why does crying reason swollen eyes?

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The body renders 3 types of tears. Basal tears are in the eye all the moment. They lubricate, nourish, and safeguard the front of the eye. The body creates the second form, reflex tears, to wash amethod irritants such as smoke or foreign bodies.

Typically, once tears have done their job, they flow right into the earlier of the nose via the tear ducts. These are tiny drainage channels in the inside corners of each eye.

When we cry, we tfinish to make most tears. These are “emotional tears,” the third kind. The volume overwhelms the drainage system, causing tears to spill out of the eyes and nose. As the body functions to reabsorb the liquid, it retains some in the tproblem under the eyes, making the location puffy.

Why does resting reason swollen eyes?

Throughout the day, the body is continually making and also blinking ameans basal tears. This keeps the eyes clean and also nouriburned.

Our bodies do not sheight making tears when we are asleep, however we perform stop blinking. This indicates that a layer of tears continues to be on the eye, without being drained with the tear ducts.

Sometimes, this excess fluid is retook in into the tproblems roughly the eyes, resulting in swelling.

Tips for reducing the swelling

The following are some tips and remedies for dealing with puffy eyes. Please note that scientific studies in this area are restricted, and a lot of of these tips and also remedies are from anecdotal proof. They might have actually no effect, or the result may differ from perchild to perboy.

Tea bags

A perkid can try soaking 2 bags of caffeinated tea in heat water, then placing them in the fridge till they cool. Then, a person might close their eyes and also area one tea bag on each for about 5 minutes. The reasoning is that the caffeine in the tea constricts the blood vessels, reducing the swelling.

Hemorrhoid cream

Hemorrhoid cream may reduce the appearance of puffiness by tightening the skin. Mixing the cream via moisturizer deserve to make the cream’s smell even more palatable.

Eye cream

Using eye creams with anti-inflammatory ingredients, such as glycerin, vitamin C, and also shea butter, might assist minimize puffiness.

Cucumber slices

Cucumbers contain antioxidants that have the right to assist mitigate irritation and also soothe swollen eyes. A perkid could try placing a slice of cold cucumber over each eye for 30 minutes.


Potatoes contain an enzyme that can aid ease swelling. A perchild could gprice 2 tablespoons of raw potato, put the gratings into two empty tea bags, then area them on their closed eyelids.

Cool compress

Placing a cool washcloth, or holding a bag of frozen vegetables wrapped in a towel over the eyes may assist reduce the gathered liquid responsible for the puffiness.


A person can attempt holding two clean metal teaspoons under cold running water for a few minutes, then placing the bottom of the spoons’ cups over their eyelids for 30–60 secs.

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Cold rub

Gently rubbing the swollen tissue may aid drain the collected fluid. First, a person need to host their fingers under very cold water. Then, beginning at the inner corners of the eyes, push down on the skin, moving the fingers till they reach the external corners. Repeat this procedure till the eyes look and feel much less swollen.

Diet and also lifestyle

The complying with methods may aid reduce puffiness around the eyes:

drinking plenty of waterstaying clear of alcoholcutting earlier on salt — which can cause the body to retain fluidusing antihistamines to treat any type of allergies that might be contributing to puffiness