A Mediterranean climate is a climate that has actually dry summers that are warm or warm and winters that are cool or mild with moderate or high rainautumn. It includes the climate of much of the land close to the Mediterranean Sea. Outside the Mediterranean, one can uncover this climate only in rather little locations. It is found in many type of locations that are about in between latitudes 30° to 45° north and southern of the equator.

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Most huge, historic cities of the Mediterranean basin, including Athens, Algiers, Barcelona, Beirut, İzmir, Jerusalem, Marseille, Rome, Valencia and also Tunis, lie within Mediterranean climatic zones, as perform major cities outside the Mediterranean basin, such as Adelaide, Cape Town, Casablanca, Dushanbe, Los Angeles, Lisbon, Perth, San Francisco, Santiago and Tashkent. Some of the local wind trends affecting the northern Mediterranean are the Bora winds, the Mistral, and also the Sirocco wind which all occur at various times of the year. The Bora is a dry wind causing clear skies that starts in autumn from a cold wind source. It is cold and dry and also can cause widespreview chop damage.


Mediterranean biome



The Fitzgerald River National Park, in Western Australia via the dense scrub vegetation and biodiversity of Mediterranean climate zones. There are 62 plant species which are unique to the 3,299 km² (1,274 mi²) park and also a even more 48 are rarely uncovered somewhere else.

Besides the Mediterranean Basin, regions which have a Mediterranean climate include the seaside locations of the Western USA, dvery own to Los Angeles, the Western Cape in South Africa, central Chile, southern Western Australia and also the seaside locations of South Australia.


It has six, months of winter, no more, and in them, except when there is a quarter moon, once it rains one or two days, all the other days have such beautiful suns...

—Pedro de Valdivia to Charles V, Holy Roguy Emperor

Throughout summer, regions of Mediterranean climate are strongly affected by cold ocean currents which keep the weather in the region very dry, steady, and also pleasant. Similar to desert climates, in many type of Mediterranean climates tbelow is a solid diurnal character to everyday temperatures in the heat summer months due to solid heating in the time of the day from sunlight and also fast cooling at night.

In winter, Mediterranean climate areas are no longer affected by the cold sea curleas and also therefore warmer water settles near land and reasons clouds to create and rainloss becomes much even more likely. As an outcome, areas with this climate obtain virtually every one of their precipitation throughout their winter and also spring periods, and might go anywhere from 3 to 6 months during the summer without having any type of considerable precipitation. In the reduced latitudes, precipitation usually decreases in both the winter and also summer bereason they are closer to the Horse latitudes, for this reason bringing smaller sized quantities of rain. Toward the polar latitudes, full moisture normally increases; the Mediterranean climate in Southern Europe has even more rain. The rainautumn likewise has a tendency to be even more evenly distributed throughout the year in Southern Europe, while in the Eastern Mediterranean (the Levant) and in Southern The golden state the summer is virtually or totally dry and the weather is serious. In places wbelow evapotranspiration is higher, steppe climates tend to prevail, yet still follow the weather pattern of the Mediterranean climate.


The majority of the regions via Mediterranean climates have actually fairly mild winters and very heat summers. However before winter and summer temperatures can vary substantially between different areas through a Mediterranean climate. For instance, in the situation of winters, Valencia and also Los Angeles endure mild temperatures in the winter, with frost and snowfall nearly unrecognized, whereas Tashkent has actually cooler winters via yearly frosts and also snowloss. Or to think about summer, Athens experiences fairly high temperatures in that seaboy (48 °C (118 °F) has been measured in surrounding Eleusis). In comparison, San Francisco has cool summers with daily highs approximately 21 °C (70 °F) as a result of the constant upwelling of cold subsurconfront waters along the coastline. Since many regions through a Mediterranean climate are near huge bodies of water, temperatures are primarily modeprice through a comparatively small range of temperatures in between the winter low and also summer high (although the everyday range of temperature throughout the summer is big as a result of dry and clear problems, other than along the instant coasts). Temperatures throughout winter only occasionally loss listed below the freezing allude and scurrently is mostly hardly ever checked out. In the summer, the temperatures array from mild to exceptionally warm, relying on distance from a large body of water, elevation, and also latitude. Even in the warmest areas with a Mediterranean-form climate, yet, temperatures typically execute not reach the highest possible readings discovered in surrounding desert areas bereason of cooling from water bodies, although strong winds from inland desert areas deserve to periodically rise summer temperatures, conveniently enhancing the risk of wildfires.

As in eexceptionally climatologic domain, the highland locations of the Mediterranean doprimary have the right to present cooler temperatures in winter than the lowland locations, temperatures which can sometimes prohibit the growth of typical Mediterranean plants. Some Spanish authors opt to use the term "Continental Mediterranean climate" for some regions with reduced temperature in winter than the coastal areas (straight translation from Clima Mediterráneo Continentalizado), however a lot of climate classifications (consisting of Köppen"s Cs zones) display no difference.

Additionally, the temperature and rainloss pattern for a Csa or also a Csb climate deserve to exist as a microclimate in some high-altitude places adjacent to a rare tropical As (tropical savanna climate with dry summers, frequently in a rainshadow region). These have actually a favourable climate with mild wet winters and also sensibly warm, dry summers.

Mediterranean biome



The Mediterranean woodlands, woodlands, and scrub biome is very closely connected via Mediterranean climate areas, as are distinctive freshwater neighborhoods. Particularly distinctive of the climate are sclerophyll shrublands, referred to as maquis in the Mediterranean Basin, chaparral in California, matorral in Chile, fynbos in South Africa, and also mallee and also kwongan shrublands in Australia. Aquatic areas in Mediterranean climate areas are adapted to a ybeforehand cycle in which abiotic (environmental) controls of stream populaces and neighborhood structure conquer throughout floods, biotic components (e.g. competition and also predation) controls end up being increasingly essential as the discharge declines, and environmental controls regain supremacy as ecological problems come to be incredibly harsh (i.e. hot and also dry); as an outcome, these communities are well suited to recuperate from droughts, floods, and also fires. Aquatic organisms in these regions display distinctive long-term patterns in framework and also attribute, and are likewise extremely sensitive to the effects of climate adjust.

Natural vegetation

The indigenous vegetation of Mediterranean climate lands should be adjusted to survive long, hot summer droughts and also extended wet periods in winter. Mediterranean vegetation examples include the following:

Much native vegetation in Mediterranean climate area valleys have been cleared for agriculture. In areas such as the Sacramento Valley and also Oxnard Plain in California, draining marshes and estuaries combined via supplemental irrigation has actually led to a century of extensive agriculture. Much of the Overberg in the southern Cape of South Africa, once covered with renosterveld, has additionally been greatly converted to farming, mostly wheat. In hillside and mountainous locations, amethod from urban sprawl, ecodevices and habitats of native vegetation are more continual.

The fynbos vegetation in the South-western Cape in South Africa is well known for its high floral diversity, and also contains such plant forms as members of the Restionaceae, Ericas (Heaths) and Proteas. Representatives of the Proteaceae additionally flourish in Australia, such as Banksias. The palette of California native plants is likewise renowned for its species and also cultivar diversity.

Hot-summer Mediterranean climate


This subtype of the Mediterranean climate (Csa) is the the majority of common form of the Mediterranean climate, therefore it is also well-known as a “typical Mediterranean climate”. As declared earlier, regions with this form of a Mediterranean climate suffer average monthly temperatures in excess of 22.0 °C (71.6 °F) in the time of its warmest month and also an average in the coldest month between 18 and also −3 °C (64 and 27 °F) or, in some applications, between 18 and also 0 °C (64 and also 32 °F). Also, at least 4 months need to average over 10 °C (50 °F). Regions via this form of the Mediterranean climate commonly experience hot, periodically exceptionally hot and dry summers and also mild, wet winters. In a variety of instances, summers right here can closely resemble summers seen in arid and also semi-arid climates. However, high temperatures during summers are generally not rather as high as those in arid or semiarid climates due to the presence of a big body of water. All locations through this subform have actually wet winters. However, some locations via a warm Mediterranean subkind have the right to actually endure extremely chilly winters, through occasional snowautumn.

Csa climates are mainly found about the Mediterranean Sea, southwestern Australia, southwestern South Africa, sections of Central Asia, north sections of Iran and Iraq, the interior of north California west of the Sierra Nevada, and inland locations of southern Oregon west of the Cascade Mountains. Southern California"s shores additionally endure warm summers as a result of the shielding impact of the Channel Islands. However, unshielded areas of that coast deserve to have actually warm-summer Mediterranean climates via hot-summer locations simply a few miles inland also.

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