Chrissy Teigen required to Twitter last night to unpack the secret life of toddler pooping and also we have to say we were all ears and nods.

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Chrissy delighttotally overlutz-heilmann.infomon her very own toddler daughter Luna’s quest for privacy whilst filling her nappy – and the irony of this has not escaped us. Since we’re super smart.

“Hiding-while-pooping is my favorite thing about toddlers,” Chrissy described. “I didn’t recognize it was a point before kids. she creates a tiny, gated lutz-heilmann.infomunity or fort and also you may not look at or speak to her for 10-15 mins. She will speak to for you, however it is a trick. You might not look.”

hiding-while-pooping is my favorite point around toddlers. I didn't know it was a thing prior to kids. she creates a little, gated area or fort and you may not look at or sheight to her for 10-15 mins. she will certainly call for you, but it is a trick. you may not look.

— christine teigen (


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No, mama, no

She adhered to this frankly borderline anthropological discourse via a video clip of Luna in the wild (i.e. the living room) embarking onher “business”.

Please don’t freak out, bereason the untrained eye would certainly have actually no clue what is going on. Luna appears to be going around her day, hiding under the family’s breakfast bar, clinging to a stool. And therein lies the clue, bereason somepoint else is going on below and her mum knows what’s the what.

An internally tittering Chrissy pans throughout the room, concentrating on her daughter that firmly says “No” as soon as her mum states her name. She repeats this exchange, looking unimpressed at the interruption and returning to the project at hand. And that project is pooping. In case you hadn’t caught on.

— christine teigen (
chrissyteigen) February 19, 2018

“I’m done an onion”

While Chrissy did not aclutz-heilmann.infopany the video via Attenborough-style narration, it truly felt favor Life On Planet kind exploration and we say thanks to her for her keen dedication to better expertise the huguy race.

Other parental fees responded to Chrissy’s educational poop-hide video, via their own stories from the toddler trenches.

“Both my kids will not poop if I’m in the bathroom. My youngest lets me understand he’s done by shouting “IM A DONE ONION’” one lutz-heilmann.infoposed earnestly.

“We had the “pooping corner”. All youngsters went tright here to poop,” an additional revealed.

“Haha. My earliest used to say “no daddies, no mommies” whenever before we’d strategy the hiding spot. Behind a curtain was a well-known alternative,” someone else created.


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Chrissy is expecting her second son with husband also John Legfinish in June, a small boy who will no doubt prompt many kind of more brilliant and also funny overshares of the sort that make various other paleas feel WAY much less alone.

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