Panera Breview isn’t just one more chain of casual restaurants through over 2000 places in US and Canada.

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The place is one-of-a-kind in many kind of methods. For instance, their food selection is 100% clean of GMOs and fabricated preservatives, somepoint extremely few other restaurant chains in the US can insurance claim. What’s even more, Health magazine judged it in 2008 as North America’s healthiest rapid casual restaurant and also one of North America’s opponents of obese youngsters. Many dishes at Panera won’t make you bloated and feeling sleepy. Their food will certainly offer you power, rather of taking it from you. And it is a good location to work as well, considering the team heart, workload, and various other functioning conditions. But what will certainly occur in your intercheck out through the managers from Panera Bread?

First and foremany, they are looking for friendly and outgoing people. You have to recognize something around their menu, and around what renders Panera special, and display some enthusiasm for the job and also their brand. They will additionally ask you questions–of course, greatly around your catalyst, suffer, weaknesses, availability, and your attitude to some cases you may experience with the customers. The interviews for standard positions such as sales associate, cashier, team member, sandwich artists, and also similar are not difficult, and also your possibilities to get hired are more than decent. But you still shouldn’t underestimate your preparation. Let’s have a look at the inquiries you may challenge.

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Why carry out you want to work at Panera Bread?

Your goal is to present them that Panera isn’t just one of dozens dining places you can apply for a project through. Make them feel unique. The family member healthiness of their menu, especially as soon as compared through various other cafe-bakeries and also doughnut stores is always a good thing to cite. You are conscious of the epidemic of obesity in the US, and like to job-related in a place that actually promotes healthy and balanced eating, and offers dishes that are conveniently digestible and also have actually some real nutritional worth.

You have the right to additionally refer to the working atmosphere at Panera, the culture of collaboration, your preference to their brand and the form of dining experience one has actually in their locations. You simply find it a far better enhance to your personality and also preferences. What is more, you favor the job description, transition fads, place of the bakery-cafe, and also simply discover it a great complement, at least at this stage of your life and also career.

What are your staminas and also weaknesses?

Questions about staminas and weaknesses aren’t as common as they used to be earlier in the day in the interviews. At Panera Breview, however, they will regularly ask around them. Try to emphasis on staminas that will certainly assist you provide a great customer service. Communication abilities, listening abilities, problem resolution, capacity to job-related quickly, paying attention to information, soul for collaboration, or suffer functioning in a comparable type of facility, are some of the toughness you can point out at this allude. Of course things favor responsibility and motivation are an excellent option in any kind of interwatch.

It is additionally excellent to admit at least one or two weaknesses, ideally something that isn’t main for the project. Being over-friendly via customers is a renowned option. Or being impatient at times, struggling via leading others (you won’t require this ability working as a crew member at Panera). You deserve to always fancy on your answer, saying that you attempt your finest to enhance on your weaknesses. Perhaps the task with Panera is an excellent chance to do so.

If this is your initially task application, you have the right to always mention lack of experience as your biggest weakness. You carry out not require endure to gain a project through Panera, however it helps to have actually some, simply bereason it will make it simpler for you to take care of the workpack right from the get-go…


What would certainly you perform if the co-worker did something you did not like?

They might clarify the details of the case, for instance that the colleague was stealing a small item, or that you experienced them eating one of the breads, or that they did not clean their hands after bathroom break.

In any instance, manager try to promote collaboration culture at Panera. You shouldn’t say that you would report eextremely incident–yet small, to the shift manager. Try to present even more tack, and teamwork. Say that if it was somepoint minor, you would discretely talk to the colleague, explaining them why they did a wrong point, and also making sure they’d remedy the case.

If the event repetitive, but (they ignored your suggestion), or if it was somepoint major (you witnessed them taking twenty dollars from the cash drawer), you would certainly inform the manager immediately. That’s the attitude they seek at Panera.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your future plans?

Basically they are trying to uncover out for just how long they deserve to count via you, and also whether possibly you deserve to imagine flourishing in the company, proceeding from the ranks of crew members to the ranks of supervisors. But also if perform not have such plans, it is okay for them, because they know that for the majority of world Panera is just a short speak on their career journey (regularly the initially one).

Anymeans, you need to always claim that you setup to continue to be with them for six months at least. If you have some plans for the upcoming summer, such as traveling abroad or whatever before, I suggest you to conceal them from the hiring managers. It makes no feeling giving them a factor for rejecting you. And after all your plans may inevitably readjust.

On the other hand also, they choose responsible people at Panera. It is perfectly all appropriate to talk around your university studies, or even future career you’d favor to have. It deserve to also aid you to describe your incentive. You apply for a project via Panera bereason you hope to earn some extra money, to assistance your studies

How will certainly you address a customer that obtained the wrong order?

They might ask you a pair of situational questions concerned customer service. With each one you have to follow the exact same steps: ensure them that you will execute everything to make the customer happy aacquire, in the shortest feasible time. Due to the fact that that’s the level of customer business people mean at locations choose Panera.

In this instance, it suggests apologizing to the customer, and double checking the correct order. Then you will prioritize their order in the queue, making sure that they acquire their food as easily as feasible. And one you finally give them the ideal order, you will certainly aobtain apologize for the inconvenience. You will do everything to watch them leaving the place through a smile on their confront.

Tell us about a complicated case you had actually to settle in among your previous tasks.

They carry out not pick anypoint in specific, so you have the right to select. It have the right to be a case with an unhappy customer, however likewise one in which you struggled with a colleague. Perhaps you had a dispute, or didn’t get along well in basic, or they were laid back and did nopoint while you had to take treatment of every little thing. Or you have the right to talk about a time when you faced an very heavy workload, and also felt totally overwhelmed.

One method or one more, the key is to display proactive strategy to tough situation. You didn’t hide somewright here in the earlier office. You didn’t wait for the other perkid to take the initially action, or for the manager to step in and also resolve the issue. Considering all possibilities, you did what you might to resolve the challenging situation.

The last outcome of the case isn’t important for the hiring managers at Panera. They treatment greatly about your attitude. As lengthy as they view that you have actually proenergetic method to job-related, aren’t afrhelp of obstacles, deserve to admit making a mistake, and attempt your best to manage everything at work-related, they will certainly hire you for this job…

Other concerns you may confront in your project interview via Panera Bread

What is your availability? Can you job-related on weekends?Do you understand anyone else that works for Panera? What did they tell you about the job?What’s your favorite item on our menu?Why execute you take into consideration yourself a good fit for the job?Tell us around a time when you went over and also past for someone.If you must choose simply two or 3 work you will certainly be responsible for right here in Panera, what will you choose?After every little thing we’ve disputed right here, do you have any questions?

Final thoughts, following steps

It is always better functioning for a firm which promotes healthy eating and diet, than for a agency which efficiently and consciously contributes to the epidemic of excessive weight in the US, and various other health and wellness worry Americans face. Before it deserve to occur, yet, you should prepare diligently for this interview.

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Google for the entire food selection Panera uses to their customers. Check the items, make notes, pick your favorites. Visit the location in breakthrough, observe the dress code, and also how employees treat you as a customer. All of this will certainly assist you to know just how to act and just how to answer specific situational inquiries in your intercheck out.

Last but not least, go over the concerns once aget, check out my clues, and also attempt to think for a minute around your answer to each question. You have the right to even practice your interview answers with a friend, if you have actually someone to assist you out. I hope you will certainly succeed, and wish you best of luck!