Baptism is an integral component of the Christian suffer. Even before Christ was preaching, healing, and teaching, John was heralding, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near”, and baptizing people in the Jordan River (Matthew 3).

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Why should we be baptized today?

God loves us and accepts us. He additionally understands the longings of our hearts. Does this expect baptism is unimportant? On the contrary, it says that baptism is even even more critical – particularly in today’s civilization wright here the thriving and also popular belief is that tright here are many kind of methods to salvation (many kind of ways to God).

Here are 5 reasons why I think everyone who receives Christ must be baptized:

1. To Publicly Confess Your Commitment to Christ

We have Christian brothers and also sisters all about the civilization that are persecuted and eliminated day-to-day bereason of their unwillingness to deny Christ. According to Foxe’s Book of Martyrs, even more people are being killed for their belief this particular day than at any kind of other time in history. They stand also prior to federal governments, terrorists, and family members stating - plainly and also definitively - that they believe in the conserving power of Jesus Christ.

While we need to continue to uncover means to support and encourage these fellow believers, one of the most obvious is via baptism. When we are baptized, we declare to the people that we have decided to follow Jesus.

Our declaration have the right to encourage others and also assure them that they are not alone.

In addition, if we are unwilling to get baptized in among the freest nations in the human being, exactly how likely will we be to declare our commitment to Christ if and as soon as we confront persecution?

2. Due to the fact that Christ Did It

A few years ago the famous trend on Christian bracelets and billboards was WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?).

It is an excellent way to look at life bereason we are constantly reminded to meacertain our life decisions versus those of Jesus.

If we are committed to living our life as Christ did, then baptism is a clear decision to make. After all, Mark 1:9 claims, “At that time Jesus came from Nazareth in Galilee and was baptized by John in the Jordan.”

Baptism was good sufficient for Jesus – which should make it excellent sufficient for all of his followers.

3. To Grow via Christ in His Death and also Resurrection

Romans 6 says, “Or are you ignorant that all of us who have actually been baptized into Christ Jesus have been baptized right into His death? We have been hidden therefore with Him through baptism into His death, in order that simply as Christ was increased from the dead with the glory of the Father, so likewise we could walk in newness of life. For if we have actually grown together with Him in the likeness of His death, indeed we will additionally be in the likeness of His resurrection.”

Baptism is our opportunity to die symbolically to self and be resurrected as a loving and compassionate folreduced of Jesus. Just as a graduation, marital relationship, or the New Year enables us to reset and also begin afresh, baptism gives us the possibility to throw off the old self and also put on the new.

4. To Celebrate the Forgiveness of Sin

As Peter proclaimed in Acts 2:38, “Repent and be baptized, eextremely one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will obtain the gift of the Holy Spirit.”

We are forgiven for our sins with repentance, and also this cleansing is ideal illustrated through the symbolism of baptism.

The photo in baptism is that our sins and our old life are left in the water, and also we come out brand-new, cleansed, and entirely renewed in the identification through Christ in His glorious resurrection.

What a refreshing step of obedient belief for us, and what a witness to others! Jesus asks us to concerned him so he can take ameans our burdens.

Repentance is our acceptance of this offer, and also baptism is our celebration. “Forgiveness of sins is the blessed joy and privilege of every believer before (MacArthur New Testimony Commentary, Acts 1-12, p. 75).”

5. Because Christ Commands It

This is perhaps the greatest factor of all: Jesus commands that eexceptionally Christian be baptized.

Matthew 28:18-20 reads, “Jesus shelp, ‘As such, go and make disciples of all countries, baptizing them in the name of the Father and also of the Son and also of the Divine Spirit, and also teaching them to obey every little thing I have actually commanded you.’”

These are the 3 things the church is commanded to do: Make disciples — help world concerned understand Christ, baptize them, and assist them to flourish.

Many type of world think, “I will certainly be baptized after I have grown up. After I understand about the Christian life, then I will be baptized.” Baptism should happen be appropriate after you make the decision to follow Christ.

In reality, baptism is the very first command also Jesus offers you after repentance. If you cannot obey this easy instruction, how deserve to you obey more challenging ones?

Notice the order: You make the disciples, then you baptize them, then you spfinish the remainder of your life adhering to and also growing as a Christian.

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If you have not yet been baptized, I encourage you to prayertotally and also thoughtcompletely consider taking the first steps in the direction of baptism this particular day. Follow the connect below to learn even more about baptism and schedule your baptism this day.