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While vaginas all smell slightly different, the scent is typically mild and organic. A strong and unpleasant smell, such as an onion smell, can denote infection or another health trouble.

The body naturally produces a discharge that keeps the vagina healthy and balanced and complimentary of harmful bacteria and irritants. However, it is crucial that civilization take treatment to clean the location bordering the opening to the vagina, well-known as the vulva.

A strong smell of onions is unmost likely to be herbal however can occur as a result of sweat, negative hygiene, particular foods items in the diet, or infection.

We look at the possible causes in even more detail and also describe exactly how to treat this symptom.

Possible reasons of a vagina that smells like onions include:

1. Food

Eating food through a solid smell can influence body odor. Onions, garlic, spices, and also vinegar are among the foodstuffs that can adjust the smell of sweat.

Sweat can integrate through vaginal discharge to make the vagina smell of solid foods items, such as onions or garlic.

A perkid would generally have to eat even more onion than usual for it to influence their body odor.

2. Forgotten tampon

Share on PinterestA forgained tampon may reason an unpleasant odor.
If someone forgets to remove a tampon, it deserve to reason an unpleasant odor. The smell deserve to happen via or without discharge.

If there is discharge, it might be an unusual shade such as pink, grey, brvery own, green, or yellow.

Other symptoms may incorporate fever, pain in between the belly button and also genitals, pain as soon as urinating or having sex, or itching and also redness approximately the vulva.

It is essential to remove the tampon as soon as feasible. If the individual cannot find or rerelocate the tampon, they have to view a physician.

If a tampon continues to be in the body for also long, tbelow is a threat of toxic shock syndrome (TSS). Symptoms of TSS include:

fevera red rash on the skindifficulty breathingfeeling faint or dizzy

TSS have the right to be an emergency. Anyone through these symptoms who suspects they may have actually TSS have to seek instant clinical attention.

3. Hygiene

The vagina keeps itself clean naturally by producing a discharge. However, a perkid have to regularly wash the vulva via heat water to remove any type of discharge and keep the area totally free of harmful bacteria.

The vulva is cshed to the urethra and also rectum, so cleaning appropriately after urinating or passing stool is likewise important.

Urine sometimes has a solid odor, which world may confuse via a vaginal odor, specifically if there is undetected urine leakage.

The herbal balance of bacteria in the vagina keeps it healthy and balanced, yet if an imbalance occurs, it can cause troubles.

Simple hygiene tips deserve to aid to maintain the optimal balance of vaginal bacteria and mitigate the chances of an unpleasant smell occurring. These tips include:

wearing clean underwear every daychoosing underwear made of a breathable, natural towel, such as cottonutilizing a mild soap and warmth water to wash the vulvaavoiding the usage of douches or perfumed productsshowering regularly, specifically after exercise

4. Hormonal changes

Hormone levels in the body adjust throughout the menstrual cycle, and also in the time of pregnancy, perimenopausage, and menopausage. These hormonal transforms can affect the means the vagina smells.

Vaginal odor typically becomes even more noticeable when tright here is an increased level of the hormone estrogen in the body. This will happen once a person provides specific hormonal contraceptives as well as during ovulation and pregnancy.

The amount, texture, and scent of vaginal discharge have the right to likewise vary over time. Vaginal discharge will certainly not usually have a solid or foul smell. If it does, this might be a sign of infection.

5. Bacterial vaginosis

Share on PinterestAn unpleasant smell might be a symptom of bacterial vaginosis.
Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is an infection resulting from an imbalance in the bacteria in the vagina. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it is the most common infection of the vagina for women aged 15–44.

One of the symptoms of BV is an unpleasant smell. Other symptoms might include:

watery discharge that is white or graypainburning

People who are sexually active and also those who use douches are even more at threat of gaining the infection, which will certainly require treatment via antibiotics.

A medical professional have to have the ability to indicate methods to proccasion reinfection in the future.

6. Trichomoniasis

Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) that deserve to reason an unpleasant-smelling discharge. The discharge might be yellow or green, and also the vulva might feel irritated.

Doctors will certainly treat the infection via medication and will frequently recommend abstaining from sex-related task till the infection gets rid of. All sexual partners have to also look for therapy so that the infection does not proceed to pass back and also forth.

7. Yeast infection

Yeastern occurs normally in the vagina and helps to save it healthy and balanced. However, it have the right to multiply over normal levels and cause a yeastern infection.

A yeast infection deserve to result in thick, white discharge. Although this regularly does not smell, in some instances it may have an unpleasant odor.

Other symptoms encompass itching, burning, and also redness about the vulva. It is possible to treat the infection making use of antifungal medication.

A physician should have the ability to diagnose the cause of a vagina smelling choose onions. They will ask about any type of additional symptoms that have actually emerged.

If a bacterial infection is responsible for the smell, the medical professional may prescribe antibiotics. However before, if a perchild has actually constant or represent infections, a preventative medication might be crucial.

If the vagina smells mildly of onions, keeping a food diary deserve to help to identify whether or not diet is the reason. Rerelocating strong-smelling foods items from the diet might adjust the body’s scent.

Introducing much better hygiene habits have the right to also have an influence. Showering more on a regular basis, switching to cotton underwear, and also preventing the use of scented or irritating products have the right to all help to minimize any unpleasant odors.

A healthful diet and consistent exercise are essential for good in its entirety health and wellness, including keeping a healthy and balanced vagina.

Pelvic floor exercises can assist to strengthen the muscles that assistance the vagina. This might be specifically helpful for anyone suffering any type of problems relating to this location, such as frequent urine leakage.

Using a mild soap when showering and also staying clear of perfumed commodities are good hygiene techniques that have the right to aid prevent a bacterial infection.

Wearing cotton underwear helps to keep the vulva clean and dry. People have the right to uncover cotton underwear in garments stores or virtual.

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Practicing safe sex by utilizing obstacle protection, such as condoms, have the right to assist prevent an STI. It is additionally vital to have actually continual checks for STIs.