Dear Dr. Roach • After many years of miscellaneous treatments, consisting of allergy shots, food research studies and also an ear tube, I was freshly diagnosed through “semicircular canal dehiscence.” Can you define what this is and the treatment (besides surgery) to relieve the symptoms of inner ear pressure, dizziness and press and pulsation in the head? Are there any medications? — J.D.W.

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Answer • Semicircular canal dehiscence syndrome is an unusual reason of vertigo. Vertigo is sometimes referred to as dizziness, yet “dizziness” may describe both unsteadiness (a feeling that you are going to pass out, which medically is described as “presyncope”) or true vertigo (a sensation of movement when the perboy is actually still). The vertigo in semicircular canal dehiscence syndrome is various from a lot of other causes of vertigo bereason it deserve to be provoked by loud noises, coughing or sneezing. It is caused by abnormally thin bone in the semicircular canals, part of the body organ of balance in the inner ear. The diagnosis is confirmed by a CT sdeserve to of the tempdental bone.

The only treatment I have read that continuously is reliable is surgical procedure. An ear tube is periodically tried in civilization who have actually symptoms via pressure transforms. Medications used in some cases of vertigo, such as meclizine (Antivert), typically will make SCDS symptoms worse in the lengthy term.

Dear Dr. Roach • I have actually a family member with cancer that is about to start multiple therapeutic interventions. My friends tell me that all cancer treatments are toxic and kill world instead of curing them, and that I need to tell my family member to look right into other creates of treatment. What do you imply I do? — K.C.

Treating some cancers remains tough, and in many type of cases the treatments have substantial side results. Surgery scars may impair attribute, and also chemotreatment have the right to reason significant symptoms and may permanently influence body systems, as deserve to radiation. It can be incredibly tough on a household member observing these treatments.

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So, while I understand also wbelow your friends may be coming from, their well-interpretation advice, based on poor experiences perhaps a lengthy time ago, can reason your family member with cancer to delay the potentially lifesaving therapies that are available now. A study publimelted in July confirmed that human being that usage alternative clinical treatments for cancer are much less likely to be cured and also have a much shorter life expectations.

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