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It might look favor your guinea pigs are eating poo, however they're actually eating somepoint else that's important for their wellness.

Image by Pezibear from Pixabay

It's Not What You Think!

It's not actually poo that the guinea pigs are eating. However before, it looks like poo and also comes out of the exact same place. And it's actually essential to your guinea pig's wellness and also wellness. I recognize it sounds starray on the surface but it does make full sense. Truth is absolutely stranger than fiction.

Name That Pellet

Guinea pigs excrete two kinds of dark brown pelallows. One is the poo we all understand and expect, however the other is a compound of vitamins and proteins that aid the guinea pig digest B vitamins. These are called caecotrophs. They are incredibly similar to the cud that hoofed animals like cows, deer and giraffes create.

These animals can't chew their food sufficient in order to appropriately digest it. In the cud's case, it settles in the rumen to be operated on by acids, then shot earlier up the esophagus for another chew. After that, it have the right to be digested. In a guinea pig's instance, they don't have rumens, so the "cud" comes out the various other way for a second chew.

Caecotrophs are squishier and also smellier than their poop counterparts. You will extremely hardly ever ever before watch them. If you do watch them, that's commonly not a great authorize. Guinea pigs typically ingest them as quickly as they know it's about to pop out. If you've ever before seen your guinea pig chewing after cleaning his or her behind, you now recognize what he or she is chewing on. If your guinea pig does not eat their caecotrophs, they will certainly end up being malnourished extremely easily.


Rabbits Eat This, Too

Rabbits also create caecotrophs, so if you watch a rablittle bit munching on what seems favor poo, don't worry. You typically won't see them, as the rabbit instinctively knows as soon as it's coming. If you do watch most rablittle caecotrophs around, it's generally not diarrhea as some older rablittle care manuals imply. It suggests the rablittle is on too wealthy of a diet. If the rablittle bit still refprovides to eat caecotrophs, then you must view a vet.

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