The Queen City joins various other fire departments in the Valley via a new resolution allowing fire marshals to host police powers.

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STAUNTON, Va. ( - The Staunton City Council voted 4 to 3 on a proclamation offering the fire marshal aw enforcement authority.

Under the new authority, the fire marshal can carry a gun, and is able to make arrests in certain instances.

Fire marshals in Harrisonburg have had actually this authority for years and also Fire Chief Matthew Tobia shelp this is specifically beneficial for arkid instances, which are extremely challenging to prosecute.

“It is important for the individual that is going to be testifying on the stand also to have actually a command also level expertise exactly how fires beginning and cause,” Tobia

Tobia shelp if this isn’t the situation, a defense team can contact a police officer’s credibility into question sindicate bereason it is not their field of expertise.

“Having a fire marshal that has the capability to make an arrest in an arson case is important to effectively prosecuting that individual, holding that individual responsible, and also maintaining that individual off the street,” Tobia said.

He added that this is a prevalent practice across many type of fire departments.

Tobia sassist the fire marshal’s powers under this authority are concentrated on crimes relating to fire and also legislations pertained to fire, prefer enforcing the fire code.

“One of the points I think is mistaken is that suddenly these individuals are going to be going out and also enforcing every one of the regulations, and that is simply not the instance,” Tobia said.

The City of Harrisonburg is currently prosecuting an archild situation out of an arremainder that was made last week, and Tobia shelp the fire marshals were able to make that arrest.

In Staunton, the start up training costs would certainly be approximately $3,000, which those opposed to the resolution shelp is unimportant spfinishing at this time.

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Tobia believes the training is an investment in the safety and security of the marshals.

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