Video tranmanuscript obtainable at Rapid Facts: Emergency Management Directors 2020 Mean Pay Usual Entry-Level Education Work Experience in a Related Occupation On-the-project Training Number of Jobs, 2020 Job Outlook, 2020-30 Employment Change, 2020-30
$76,250 per year $36.66 per hour
Bachelor"s degree
5 years or more
6% (As rapid as average)

What Emergency Management Directors Do

Emergency management directors prepare plans and procedures for responding to herbal tragedies or various other emergencies. They likewise aid lead the response in the time of and after emergencies.

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Work Environment

Many emergency administration directors occupational for local or state federal governments. Others work for establishments such as hospitals, colleges and also universities, or private carriers.

How to Become an Emergency Management Director

Emergency monitoring directors frequently need a bachelor’s level and many years of job-related suffer in emergency response, disaster planning, or public management.


The median yearly wage for emergency administration directors was $76,250 in May 2020.

Job Outlook

Employmentof emergency administration directors is projected to flourish 6 percent from 2020 to 2030, around as rapid as the average for all occupations.

About 1,000 openings for emergency administration directors are projected each year, on average, over the decade. Many of those openings are expected to outcome from the should replace workers that deliver to various occupations or exit the labor force, such as to retire.

State & Area File

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Similar Occupations

Compare the job duties, education, job development, and pay of emergency administration directors through equivalent occupations.

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What Emergency Management Directors Do About this section

Emergency management directors prepare plans and also actions for responding to herbal calamities and also other emergencies. They likewise assist lead the response in the time of and after emergencies, regularly in coordination through public security officials, elected officials, nonprofit institutions, and also federal government agencies.


Emergency administration directors generally execute the following:

Assess hazards and prepare plans to respond to emergencies and also tragedies in order to minimize threat to people and propertyMeet via public security officials, exclusive service providers, and also the public about emergency response plansOrganize emergency response training for staff, volunteers, and also various other respondersCoordinate the sharing of resources and equipment within and across communities to help in responding to an emergencyAnalyze and preparedamage assessments following calamities or emergenciesRecheck out emergency plans of individual institutions, such as clinical framework, to encertain their adequacyApply for federal funding for emergency administration planning, responses, and recoextremely, and report on the use of funds allocatedReview regional emergency operations plans and revise them if necessaryMaintain facilities supplied during emergency operations

Emergency monitoring directors are responsible for planning and also leading the responses to herbal disasters and also other emergencies. Directors job-related through government agencies, nonprofits, private carriers, and also thepublic to construct effective plans that minimize damage and disruptions throughout an emergency.

To build emergency response plans, directors generally study “ideal practices” from around the nation and also from various other emergency management agencies. Directors additionally must prepare plans and also steps that satisfy regional, state, and federal regulations.

Directors must analyze the resources, devices, and staff accessible to respond to emergencies. If sources are restricted or equipment is doing not have, directors need to either revise their plans or get what they need from an additional neighborhood or state. Many kind of directors coordinate through fire, emergency clinical company, police departments, and public functions agencies in other communities to locate and share tools in the time of an emergency. Directors should be in contact via various other agencies to collect and also share information about the scope of the emergency, the potential prices, and the resources or staff required.

After they construct plans, emergency management directors generally ensure that individuals and also groups come to be familiar through the emergency measures. Directors frequently use social media to disseminate plans and also warnings to the public.

Emergency administration directors overview training courses and disaster exercises for staff, volunteers, and also regional agencies to aid ensure an efficient and coordinated response to an emergency. Directors additionally might visit colleges, hospitals, or other area teams to carry out updays on plans for emergencies.

During an emergency, directors typically preserve a command center at which staff monitor and control the emergency operations. Directors help lead the response, prioritizing particular actions if crucial. These actions may include ordering evacuations, conducting rescue goals, or opening public shelters for those displaced by the emergency. Emergency administration directors additionally might should conduct push conferences or other outreach tasks to keep the public informed around the emergency.

Following an emergency, directors need to assess the damage to their area and also coordinate gaining any required assistance and also offers right into the area. Directors may need to research state or federal assistance to assist execute their emergency response arrangement and also carry out support to influenced citizens, organizations, and communities. Directors might additionally revise their plans and actions to prepare for future emergencies or disasters.

Emergency management directors working for hospitals, colleges, or personal service providers may be called company continuity managers. Similar to their counterparts in neighborhood and state federal government, organization continuity supervisors prepare plans and actions to assist businesses maintain operations and also minimize losses throughout and also after an emergency.


Emergency administration directors hosted around 10,500 jobs in 2020. The biggest employers of emergency monitoring directors were as follows:

Local government, excluding education and also hospitals 52%
State government, excluding education and learning and hospitals 16
Hospitals; state, local, and private 8
Colleges, colleges, and experienced schools; state, neighborhood, and also private 4
Professional, clinical, and also technological services 3

Although most emergency administration directors occupational in an office, they likewise commonly travel to accomplish with various federal government agencies, community groups, and also exclusive carriers.

During calamities and emergencies, directors often work in stressful cases.

Work Schedules

Most emergency management directors work-related full time. In enhancement, a lot of are on contact at all times and also may must work-related overtime to respond to emergencies and also to assistance emergency monitoring operations. Others may work evenings and weekends to accomplish through assorted community teams in preparing their emergency response plans.


Emergency administration directors generally require a bachelor’s level and many years of job-related endure in emergency response, disaster planning, or public management.


Emergency monitoring directors frequently require a bachelor’s level in a business-related area, emergency administration, or public health and wellness. Some directors working in the private sector in business continuity management may require a level in computer system scientific research, information systems management, or another indevelopment innovation (IT) field.

Small municipalities or neighborhood governments might hire applicants whose greatest level of educational attainment is a high institution diploma. However, these applicants normally must have actually comprehensive job-related endure in emergency monitoring if they are to be hired.

Work Experience in a Related Occupation

Candidates commonly need many type of years of work suffer before they have the right to be hired as an emergency monitoring director. Their experience generally must be via the army, regulation enforcement, fire safety, or in another emergency administration area. Work endure in these areas allows candidates to make tough decisions in stressful and also time-sensitive situations. Such experience additionally prepares them to coordinate via various agencies to encertain that correct resources are supplied to respond to emergencies.

For more information, see the profiles on police and detectives, firefighters, police, fire, and also ambulance dispatchers, and EMTs and also paramedics.

Licenses, Certifications, and also Registrations

Some claims call for directors to obtain certification within a details timeframework after being hired in the position.

Many agencies and also says sell voluntary certification programs to help emergency management directors attain added skills. Some employers might like or even need a Certified Emergency Manager (CEM), Certified Company Continuity Professional (CBCP), or tantamount desigcountry. Emergency administration directors have the right to obtain the CEM desigcountry with the Internationwide Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM); the CBCP designation is provided by the Disaster Recoextremely Institute International(DRI).

Certification need to be renewed after a stated variety of years. Both institutions require candidays to complete certain continuing education and learning courses before recertification.

Important Qualities

Communication skills. Emergency monitoring directors should be able to plainly convey their emergency preparedness plans, both orally and in creating, to a range of audiences.

Critical-reasoning skills. Emergency administration directors need to anticipate risks and also problems that may aincrease from an emergency in order to respond efficiently.

Decision-making skills. Emergency administration directors must analyze and also select among alternatives, regularly in stressful cases. They need to recognize the staminas and weaknesses, expenses and also benefits, and various other variables of each strategy.

Interpersonal skills. Emergency management directors must job-related through various other government agencies, law enforcement and fire officials, and also thepublic to coordinate emergency responses.

Leadership skills.

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To ensure efficient responses to emergencies, emergency administration directors have to organize and also train a selection of civilization.