Disextending that your cat has pooped in the bathtub is a shocking, messy, and also all-in-all unpleasant experience. Unfortunately, this is a difficulty that many type of cat owners might have to resolve while living through their fur-babies.

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Why did your cat poop in your tub? When you cat poops in the bathtub, there’s always an underlying concern. Perhaps the litter box is full or placed in a bad location, or perhaps the litter brand is unappealing. Worse, your cat’s potty trouble can signal that it is stressed or has a clinical trouble.

When a cat that poops in the tub – or sink and also shower, for that issue – tright here are certain actions that cat owners like you should take. Making alters to the cat’s litter and also litter box, and also adding a type of deterrence in the bathtub would be some of them.

Your cat can also need to be brought to the vet for a check-up.

Keep on analysis to uncover out even more about why your cat has actually been pooping in the tub and specifically how you have the right to soptimal it.

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Why does my cat poop in the tub?How have the right to I sheight my cat from pooping in the tub?

Why does my cat poop in the tub?

1. Your cat has a problem via the litter box

This lengthy point covers 4 issues:

• The litter box is full• The litter box is not conducive for use• Tright here is inenough litter box• The litter box does not have actually an excellent location

First points first, examine the litter box. Is it full of feces or urine?

As with people, cats have the right to be extremely particular about the area they carry out their service. If their litter box is already brimming through nasty stuff, your cat might deliberately poop somewhere else they deem as cleaner than their litter box.

Guess what – your tub fits that description!

Also, the litter box itself could be the problem. Did you recently adjust it?

If so, your brand-new litter box can be too little for your cat – specifically if you have actually a large-sized cat yet a regular-sized litter. Many various other elements of your litter box issue for your cat also.

The wrong form or depth have the right to reason inconvenience, while a high-technology function have the right to provide your cat the spooks. (For example, many type of cats are scared by the sounds that an automatic self-cleaning litter box occasionally provides.)

On height of this, litter boxes with a cover tfinish to be unpreferable for cats; acomponent from trapping the unpleasant smells, the hood may cause your cat to feel claustrophobic or trapped.

We highly recommend gaining the litter box we recommend in this short article on Maine Coons – Read it here! That liter box is expensive, it has actually an entrymeans, and also it is entirely inexpensive!

Next off, it’s feasible that you have inadequate litter boxes.

It’s good to have one litter box per cat, plus one additional. Why? Yet another quirk of some cats is that they don’t prefer to poop and also pee at the same location. Others favor to have actually two litter boxes that are inserted in different areas ssuggest for higher availability.

If you have actually two cats, you shouldn’t expect your cats to share just one litter box – that might be gross for your clean kitty. In fact, you should have three litter boxes so your two cats have more options.

Lastly, your litter box might not be at a good area.

This simply substantiates why you must have actually even more than one litter box per cat. You could have actually placed something that blocks your cat’s access to its just litter box. Or the litter box could be close to somepoint that your cat is frightened of – for instance, the washing machine.

Or… probably you have put the litter box near the cat food, as soon as in fact cats don’t prefer to perform their dirty deeds where they eat! Anvarious other point that cat owners might not realize is that unprefer human beings, cats don’t constantly desire privacy once pooping.

They like to poop somewbelow in the open up wbelow they feel safe, as opposed to inside a closet or behind the door wright here they could obtain ambumelted.


2. Your cat does not prefer the cat litter

Now, ask yourself if you’ve freshly made alters to the litter.

If you have freshly bought a brand-new brand of cat litter, that might be your problem. Tbelow are many type of kinds of cat litter out in the market, partially because cats have their favorites.

Most of them would certainly favor the soft and sandy kind of litter that feels nice against the paws.

Fussy cats can be averse to litter in the create of pellets and huge granules, or those that have a tendency to stick to the paws. It really doesn’t matter to your cat which litter is a lot of mess-totally free or odor-free for you; being the boss of the residence, you should cater to your cat’s wants.

Here are a couple of of our write-ups we recommend reading as soon as you are looking for a brand-new cat litter for a rather picky cat, also if you perform not have among those cat breeds:

3. Your cat is dealing with stress and anxiety or various other emotional issues

Stress can reason a cat to poop at a different spot, such as in the tub.

What causes cats to be stressed? Here are some possible answers:

• Tright here are alters to the family members, such as the addition or absence of pets or people.• Tright here is competition for resources such as food and also water in a multi-pet household• Tbelow are transforms in the house atmosphere (eg. noise due to a renovation)

On top of these, you should be mindful that even tiny transforms, favor relocating the place of the cat tree, might be stressful to a sensitive feline. So think earlier and also reflect on what might be bring about tension to your cat.

Also, store a lookout for other signs that would affirm the idea that your cat is stressed. This includes:

• Hiding• Diarrhea• Overgrooming• Decrease appetite• Increased clinginess

4. Your cat is struggling through a wellness issue

You definitely don’t desire this area to apply to your cat, however it’s important to recognize that once a cat eliminates at an incorrect location, it might be telling its owner that it’s unwell.

What type of sickness reasons a cat to poop in the tub?

It might be constipation, anal gland also difficulties, or intestinal concerns such as inflammatory bowel condition. Though unlikely bereason your cat is able to jump into the tub, cats likewise poop exterior of the litter box because of difficulties in mobility brought about by arthritis or joint disease.

Don’t jump right into conclusions, though! You’re not a veterinarian and utilizing Google isn’t a reputable technique to offer your cat a diagnosis. You’ll want to preeminence out a health and wellness issue by bringing your cat to the vet.

5. Other much less most likely reasons

Apart from what’s discussed above, tright here are a few various other possibilities to take into consideration.

Firstly, your cat can be noting its region. In a multi-cat family members, pottying in the tub is a way to tell other cats that a location’s taken. Another means would certainly be to leave unextended feces, yet that’s a story for another post.

Secondly, a cat that has been declawed may not feel comfortable as soon as digging right into its litter. They like to use the tub quite than to obtain their paws dirty in the litter.

Thirdly, the smell of the tub could be appealing to your cat.

Do you use bleach to clean your tub? There’s somepoint around the scent of bleach that have the right to cause a cat’s senses, resulting in it to rub, purr, drool and… poop in the tub. Comparable reactions may use to other cleaning commodities as well.


How can I sheight my cat from pooping in the tub?

After reading through the many kind of factors why your kitty can be pooping in the tub, the majority of of the services would certainly come normally to you. However, this is still a section worth spanning as it’ll offer you new insights right into the topic.

1. Make alters to your cat’s litter or litter box

If the litter box is complete of poop, you clean it. If the variety of litter boxes is insufficient, you buy even more. And if the litter box is not conducive for use, you readjust it.

But… how do you pick the ideal litter box for your cat?

The ideal litter box for your cat have to have ample room not just to fit your cat’s body, but also for your cat to move around, dig, and discover litter spaces that have actually yet to be spoiled by an earlier visit.

If your cat is of a huge breed, such as a Maine Coon, look into the litter boxes that are recommended for plus-sized cats.

Then, consider the height of the sides of the litter box.

Your cat have to have the ability to enter the litter box conveniently, so take right into account the limitations of kit10s or cats through mobility concerns.

You may desire a litter box via a tall height (eight to twelve inches) if your cat has a tendency to kick litter out of its boxes, but encertain that one of the 4 sides is lower to enable simple entry and also departure. (Aobtain, we recommend the litter box in this write-up.)

Also, wbelow is the best place to put the litter box?

The answer to this question depends on the residence itself, however in general, you want a area that deserve to be conveniently got to, is reasonably quiet and also isn’t in a clocollection or an alley via a dead-finish. Your cat have to feel safe when making use of the litter box.

As mentioned, don’t put the litter box near the washer and dryer, and definitely not near the food and also water as well. For your own sake, discover spots that fit this description however are out of your sight – and smell.

Lastly, exactly how perform you recognize if your cat likes its litter?

Well, acomponent from checking to view whether or not your cat poops in the litter box (and not the bathtub), tright here are various other tell-tale indications that your cat does not like its litter.

For instance, your cat could stay cshed to the edge of the litter box, trying to minimize the contact it hregarding make with the litter.

Your cat could also carry out its organization as conveniently as feasible, running out of the box without spanning its poop as soon as it’s done.

If the litter is as well dusty, your cat can react by sneezing close to the litter. And if the litter is disagreeable, your cat might shake its paw intensely upon exiting the litter box. Keep an eye for any type of of these indications in the days after altering your cat’s litter brand.


2. Deter your cat from entering the tub

A easy way to soptimal your cat from pooping in the tub is to include some water in it. Many domestic cats don’t choose water, and they will certainly not gain obtaining their paws wet while taking a poop.

However before, it’s best to fix the mystery of why your cat desires to poop in the tub in the first place. Otherwise, your cat will certainly still feel reluctant to use its litter box – and might poop at other areas in the residence, prefer your bed. Sudepend you don’t desire that.

3. Take your cat to the vet

If you have an inkling of suspect that your cat is unwell, make an appointment through the vet.

To aid your veterinarian identify the problem, bring alengthy your cat’s fecal sample. The vet might get one by himself or herself, but you might make things much easier for your cat (and the vet) by taking the initiative.

On top of that, collecting it will be pretty convenient since the poop will be fresh from the tub! Place your hand also in an inverted plastic bag, pinch a cube-sized sample, then reverse the bag. Voila!

If your cat transforms out to be in the pink of health, that’s wonderful. Use the opportunity to talk to the vet; he or she could reveal the source of your cat’s potty troubles.

Related questions

Why perform cats poop exterior of the litter box? Cats poop exterior of the litter box for the factors pointed out above, such as a litter box that is full or in a negative place, or tension caused by changes in the household.

Why is my cat laying on the bathtub? Your cat may enjoy the cold and also smooth surconfront of the bathtub or it might think about the bathtub a safe hiding place. If your cat loves water, it can also be enthralled by the dripping of water from the faucet.

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Why does my cat not cover his poop? If your cat doesn’t have actually a halittle of covering its poop, it can have actually not learned this social skill from its mom formerly. Other cats perform the same because the litter is not comfortable for them, or if they want to mark their territory.