A bearded dragon through its mouth open have the right to be an odd sight at first. Everypoint else could seem completely normal, however they urge on holding it open!


This is among the a lot of common inquiries we get from beardie owners, and tright here are a couple of possible factors. To figure it out you need to be attentive and also do a small detective occupational.

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To make the process simpler, we put together a handy list of the widespread factors why bearded dragons open their mouths for extended periods of time. All you’ll should perform is follow alengthy and also uncover the factor that fits!

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1. They’re Regulating Their Temperature

A bearded dragon with an open mouth is actually reasonably common, and that’s normally because of the first factor on our list. Often when a bearded dragon holds its mouth open they’re doing it to control their body temperature. In reality, this habits is so widespread that it has actually its very own name, gaping.


There are two things you deserve to perform if a larger pet is bothering your bearded dragon, leading to them holding their mouth open:

First, you have the right to attempt keeping your bigger pet out of the room your beardie lives in. This might be hard if your beardie lives in the living room or dining room or if you live in a tiny apartment.

Second, you could move your beardie’s tank into a room your bigger pet is less most likely to go in. For circumstances, if you have a guest bedroom, you might move your beardie right into that room. Your cat or dog may be much less likely to spend much time in the guest bedroom bereason it is usually uninhabited by household members.

Placing your beardie’s tank near a home window can be excellent for their mind bereason the external civilization offers them via stimulation. Your beardie may love seeing the trees rustle in the wind or the clouds move in the sky. However, animals external, such as birds and cats, deserve to leave your bearded dragon feeling threatened.

If your lizard’s tank is close to a home window, you may periodically see them open their mouth as part of the aggressive stance in response to animals external. However, if you watch this habits regularly, you have to probably move your beardie’s tank amethod from the window.

It might sound odd, however small objects have the right to additionally cause your lizard to feel endangered. These items have the right to include apparel, playthings, and ornaments or decorations. If you suspect your beardie is being stressed out by a tiny object in the room they remain in, move the object to another area.

4. They’re Responding To Another Bearded Dragon

Another factor your bearded dragon might open up their mouth is to respond to one more bearded dragon.

By nature, bearded dragons are solitary creatures. If you attempt to residence 2 of them in the exact same tank, problems are most likely to happen.

Typically, as soon as you attempt to house 2 bearded dragons together, one will certainly attempt to conquer the other. The dominant one will certainly open their mouth to show the various other that they are the alpha. The less leading beardie have the right to end up being quite stressed, speak eating, and not also be enabled to bask close to the more dominant lizard.

If you watch this, you must separate your beardies right into 2 different tanks. You may even need to put the tanks in separate rooms because if your beardies deserve to view one one more, the fight for prominence might continue despite them being in sepaprice tanks.

Bearded dragons are territorial. When you home two together, the even more leading lizard could host its mouth open (this doesn’t happen all the moment though) and also protect certain locations of the tank from the various other. These areas will incorporate hiding spots, caves, and the basking spot.

Expert Tip: Throughout certain times of the year, your lizard will suffer a change in their hormones. During mating seakid, your beardie may come to be aggressive if you or various other pets in the residence method their tank.This is normal actions, and tright here is nothing you deserve to perform about it. After mating seakid, your beardie’s hormones will certainly return to normal, and they will be your sweet lizard when again!

5. They Have A Respiratory Infection

Most of the moment when your lizard keeps their mouth open up for an extended period of time, it’s for warmth regulation, however this have the right to also be a sign of a respiratory infection. Other indicators of a respiratory infection include a absence of appetite or power, mucus about the eyes or nose, and also coughing, wheezing, or crackling sounds while breathing.

Respiratory infections occur once the humidity in your lizard’s tank exceeds 40% for a prolonged period of time. That’s bereason bearded dragons are supplied to being in warm, dry climates.

If your bearded dragon is holding its mouth open up and displaying various other symptoms, it’s a great concept to take them to the vet. They will certainly have the ability to assess the severity of the infection and also provide you a plan to help them get healthy aget.

Here’s what you have the right to carry out to avoid this from occurring:

You should have actually a hygrometer for your lizard’s tank to meacertain the humidity level within the vivarium. If you alert that your beardie’s tank’s humidity level is over 40%, you have the right to carry out a number of points to reduced it.

If you usage a water bowl, make it a little one, and also keep it ameans from your lizard’s basking spot. Do not use moss or bark in your bearded dragon’s tank; both materials retain moisture. You can likewise try including even more ventilation to your beardie’s tank to lower the humidity level.

If these techniques aren’t lowering the humidity level inside the tank sufficient, you can purchase a dehumidifier and also place it in the room where your bearded dragon lives.

Cshedding Thoughts

As you have the right to view, a bearded dragon keeping its mouth open up is normally nopoint to issue about. Most of the moment this happens while they’re basking (aka gaping), and you’ll see this actions rather frequently over the years.

However, tright here are cases wright here it can show something even more concerning.

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If your bearded dragon has an open mouth because of recurring stress or a respiratory infection it’s your job to type out the difficulty. If they’re sick, take them to the vet. If an adjustment requirements to be made to their living instance, execute it ASAP!

Once you have everything finely-tuned, an open up mouth will certainly never be somepoint that comes to you aacquire.