All anime lovers have actually this same question, and it is not that we disfavor to see them as they run. But we are curious why this happens.

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Nowadays tbelow are many type of memes, comments and even mockery of particular civilization who don’t know the origin of this peculiar ability.

Today this doubt will be resolved, so once someone asks you this you’ll immediately respond through the truthful indevelopment.

Why does Naruto run with his arms backwards?

It could be said that the anime Naruto, among the many famed in background, made it incredibly fashionable. It made civilization talk about this peculiar capacity to run via their arms backwards.

However, we should tell the reality that Naruto wasn’t the first anime to run with his arms backwards. Many type of series did so also before this acclaimed series observed the light.

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Does running like Naruto make you faster?

Now that you recognize the reality, we leave you with this funny video to have actually some fun.