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We know Voldemort dedicated his life to killing an easy boy, Harry Potter. And he wasn’t opposed to killing others either. But Voldemort didn’t favor to kill witches and also wizards and also called it unessential. So why did he kill Lily and James Potter if James was a pure-blood wizard which Voldemort appreciated? The answer is easy.

Voldemort actually wanted to kill Harry Potter because of a prophecy that claimed there was a boy whose powers will certainly be the finish of Voldemort. Voldemort was specific it was around Harry since they shared a similar previous and also was convinced he was his mortal foe and also his paleas got in the method. So Voldemort had to kill them to gain to Harry.

How were Harry’s parents affiliated in this totality mess of a battle and also what was Voldemort’s reasoning behind killing them? Keep reading to learn the full story of Lily and James’ tragic ending.

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1 Why did Voldemort want to kill Harry Potter?
2 Why did Voldemort kill Lily and James Potter?

Why did Voldemort want to kill Harry Potter?

Years before Harry’s birth and also Lily and James’ fatality, professor Trelawney was simply being interregarded for a task at Hogwarts once she uttered a prophecy we learn about in the books and movies that began the entirety story:

„The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches… born to those that have actually thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies… and also the Dark Lord will certainly note him as his equal, however he will have power the Dark Lord knows not… and also either must die at the hand also of the various other for neither have the right to live while the other survives… the one via the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies…“

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


Both Lily and also James wiburned to safeguard their baby, and once Voldemort told Lily to action amethod as her last chance, she refprovided and also provided her life for her only boy.

They were both Gryffindor students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and members of the Order of the Phoenix which fought versus the dark pressures Voldemort was controlling. They both likewise combated in the First Wizarding War.

James Potter was a pure-blood born to parents Euphemia and also Fleamont Potter in England also. When he was sorted right into Gryffindor he immediately made new friends that we know very well: Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, and Peter Pettiflourished.

He didn’t have a great relationship via Severus Snape that he also made fun of in institution which clearly left a note on Snape’s emotional wellness and advancement. But Snape still tried to protect Harry for his beloved Lily also as soon as she determined to pick James for her companion.

The night Voldemort saw the Potter family, James tried to give his wife and kid more time however forgained to carry his wand with him. Voldemort killed him with a quick killing curse.

Lily Potter was born as Lily Evans to muggle parental fees. When she discovered her abilities, Snape was the one who told her about magic, verified her some tricks, and became her cshed friend. When she was sorted right into Gryffindor and came to be Head Girl, she met James and they started their love story.

The family was required to go into hiding after a prophecy was made concerning Lord Voldemort and their infant kid. She and James were betrayed by Pettigrew and also for this reason both were murdered by Voldemort on Halloween.

Throughout the war, Lily and also James defied Voldemort on at least 3 occasions, the first being when they refprovided to sign up with his cause as soon as he tried to recruit them. They denied Voldemort 3 times which the prophecy might have actually described (if indeed Harry and not Neville were Voldemort’s undoing).

The Fidelius Cdamage was placed on their home in Godric’s Hollow to protect and hide them. Their Secret-Keeper, Peter, was preferred as a less-likely target for the Death Eaters than Sirius, however he betrayed the Potters by telling Voldemort of their whereabouts badepend a week later.

Pettiflourished was meant to recognize the secret so that Sirius might be provided as a decoy for indevelopment, yet, Pettiflourished was the wrong person to trust.

Harry was noted via the security of Lily’s love as soon as she made a decision to offer up her life willingly once she could have actually lived. Voldemort’s Killing Curse rebounded off the one-year-old. The rebounded curse destroyed the Dark Lord’s body and temporarily defeated him. Harry was left unscathed, other than for a lightning-bolt sautomobile on his forehead. Therefore, Harry ended up being known as the “Boy Who Lived” and also his story started.

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Due to the fact that even Lord Voldemort was willing to overlook Lily’s muggle-born standing and ask her to sign up with him as a Death Eater, this verified evidence that she was a truly powerful and completed witch also at a young age. She was listed for her particular talent in Potion-making and also was able to conjure a corporeal doe Patronus, a mark of the superior magical capacity which went quite nicely via her husband’s Patronus as well.

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