How did northerners see the Civil War once it began?A. It was a opportunity to punish the South after decades of political rivalry.B. It provided an opportunity to integrate all slaves right into American society.C. It was a battle to maintain the Union.D. It was a suitable time to emancipate slaves in the Union-loyal border states.

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In his inaugural address, President Lincoln revealed that he hoped to stop disunion byA. sfinishing the Union army to South Carolina bereason it was the first state to secede.B. dispatching special emissaries to the servant claims thought a lot of likely to secede.C. taking procedures to stop the spreview of secession.D. threatening to abolish slavery in all seceding says.
What occasion marked the main beginning of equipped hostilities in between the North and South in April1861?A. Confederates firing on the frigate Star of the WestB. An attack on Washington, D.C.C. The assault on federal troops passing through BaltimoreD. Confedeprices firing on Ft Sumter
Why did some claims in the Upper South opt for secession from the Union?A. They felt betrayed, believing that Lincoln had actually promised to attain a relaxed reunion.B. Senators from the Lower South encouraged them to.C. Minor servant revolts endangered the region"s institution of slaextremely.D. The brand-new Confederate government available them taxes advantages if they sedelivered.
What happened in the loyal border says of Missouri and also Kentucky in the time of the Civil War?A. State leaders emancipated their servants.B. A violent pro-southerly minority continued to be sympathetic to the southerly reason.C. Many soldiers refsupplied to fight versus the Confederates.D. The citizens endangered to separation off and also create their very own sepaprice country.
Why did white southerners from all classes enlist to fight Yankees?A. They believed the federal federal government was conspiring to raise their taxes.B. They believed that serving in the war would certainly increase their economic condition.C. They wanted to ensure that blacks stayed subordinate to whites.D. Poor whites hoped the battle would certainly topple the planter routine.
Many northerners regarded secession asA. an assault on the ascendancy of law.B. constitutionally viable but impractical.C. as well expensive and also therefore illegal.D. a principle they wished they had assumed of first.
What irony emerges as soon as considering the wartime management of Abraham Lincoln and also Jefferson Davis?A. Neither male was committed to the efforts he carried out.B. While Lincoln was confident, Davis privately believed that the South never before had a opportunity.C. The inknowledgeable Lincoln verified to be an extra adept leader than the seasoned Davis.D. Davis and also Lincoln agreed even more than they disagreed on political policy
What disbenefit did the South challenge when it involved supplying the Confedeprice armies?A. It faicaused mobilize sufficient troops.B. It lacked the resources available to the North.C. It discovered it more tough to construct detailed tools.D. The Confederate Ordinance Bureau folded a month after it began.
What was the significance of the initially fight at Manassas (or Bull Run) in July 1861?A. It disheartened northerners to the level that males quit volunteering for the Union army.B. The Union"s defeat motivated Lincoln to authorize the enlistment of one million even more males for3 years.C. It was a bloodbath in which over ten thousand guys passed away.D. Confedeprice soldiers wondered about whether they had actually the mettle to contend with Union troops.
The bloodiest day of the Civil War arisen September 17, 1862, atA. Fort Henry, Tennescheck out.B. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.C. Fredericksburg, Virginia.D. Antietam Creek, Maryland.
At the finish of 1862, the eastern theater of the Civil WarA. made it noticeable that the rebellion was practically over.B. had been a good success for the Confedeprices.C. had seen one Union victory after an additional.D. had reached a stalemate.
What was the significance of the Battle of Shiloh?A. The Confedeprice victory offered the South control of the Mississippi River.B. The Union victory ruined the Confederacy"s possibilities to take manage of the West.C. The Confederate victory ensured that the Union would not take New Orleans.D. The Union"s easy victory persuaded General Grant that victory was near.
What was the significance of the problem in between the Virginia and the Monitor?A. It ended the Union blockade.B. It almost motivated the British to enter the battle.C. It noted the birth of the ironclad warship.D. It confirmed the South"s premium commercial sources.
Originally the Confederacy sought King Cotton diplomacy, a strategy based on the belief thatA. European nations" need for cotton would certainly lead them to support the Confederacy.B. elevating the price of cotton would certainly force the North to negotiate a serene settlement.C. European countries would loan the South more money if it lessened the price of cotton.D. growing less cotton and releasing even more slaves would convince England also to acknowledge the Confederacy.
Why did King Cotton diplomacy fail?A. The Union destroyed as well many kind of southerly plantations.B. European countries turned to Egypt and India for cotton.C. The Union refprovided to trade via Great Britain.D. Southern servants refused to occupational in the time of the war.
Why did President Lincoln pick not to make the Civil War a struggle over slavery?A. He believed slaextremely to be a reasonably insignificant issue.B. He doubted his power to tamper with the "domestic institutions" of any kind of state.C. He doubted that destroying slaextremely was the best point for Afrihave the right to Americans.D. He believed that eradicating slaextremely would ruin the economic climate of the South.
What did Lincoln consider the greatest obstacle to the acceptance of emancipation in the Union?A. The difficulty of finding a suitable location to sfinish the freed slavesB. Public concern around the constitutionality of emancipationC. Public reactivity to seizing southerly propertyD. White fears that freed servants would certainly disrupt north society
Lincoln justified the Emancipation Proclamation asA. a military requirement.B. a personal ethical statement.C. a response to the lobbying of abolitionists.D. a way to appease the entire northern population.
Which statement describes Afrihave the right to Americans" experiences in the Union army?A. The Union put blacks in segregated systems.B. A few African Americans came to be commissioned police officers.C. Babsence soldiers earned the exact same pay as white soldiers.D. Harsh therapy kept most blacks from enlisting in the military.
What was the funding city of the Confederacy in 1863?A. Montgomery, AlabamaB. Atlanta, GeorgiaC. Charleston, South CarolinaD. Richmond, Virginia
Why did the "twenty-Negro law" enrage many kind of white southerners during the Civil War?A. It exempted from army service one white guy on eincredibly plantation with twenty or more slaves.B. It passist slaveholders scarce government funds for eexceptionally twenty slaves they owned or looked after.C. It forced eincredibly slaveholder with at least forty slaves to turn over twenty of them for use by thefederal government.D. It targeted for army business eexceptionally slaveholder via at least twenty slaves.
What was the purpose of the 1862 Homestead Act?A. It granted eexceptionally former servant a homestead via forty acres and a mule.B. It readily available Western land also to inhabitants that would certainly live and labor on it.C. It instituted America"s initially public education system.D. It ended speculation on western land also purchases.
Who went on to uncovered the Red Cross after serving as a nurse in Union battlearea units in the time of the CivilWar?A. Dorothea DixB. Clement VallandighamC. Clara BartonD. Justin Morrill
What prompted an Irish-led riot that took the resides of at leastern 105 people in New York City in thesummer of 1863?A. The prejudices immiapprove employees facedB. The recently enacted draft lawC. Insufficient living problems and also high rentsD. Dangerous functioning conditions
How did President Lincoln attempt to stifle opposition to the Civil War?A. He instituted martial regulation in all northern cities.B. He disfranchised political adversaries.C. He imprisoned of a large number of northern Democrats.D. He suppressed totally free speech.
What was the outcome of the Battle of Vicksburg in July 1863?A. A Confederate victory compelled Union leaders to question whether they could win the battle.B. Weeks of fight and horrendous casualties created only a stalemate.C. The Union army"s victory opened up up a large percent of the Mississippi River.D. The Confederates compelled the Union army out of the deep South.
What was General William T. Sherman"s strategy for beating the Confederates in Georgia in 1864?A. He planned to recruit former plantation servants for the Union army.B. He planned to have actually his guys confiscate Georgians" cotton and sell it to England.C. He intended to infect Confedeprice camps via typhoid fever before.D. He orchestrated a scorched-earth army project aimed at damaging the will certainly of the southernworld.
Which statement defines the fighting between Generals Grant and also Lee in Virginia in May and June of1864?A. The Confederate and Union forces lost comparable numbers of soldiers, and also the fighting finished instalemate.B. Grant"s males endured fewer casualties than Lee"s at Spotsylvania Court Housage, but not at ColdHarbor.C. Lee"s Confederate pressures shed more soldiers than Grant"s Union pressures.D. More Union soldiers died, however because Grant had twice as many troops as Lee, his losses wereidentical.

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When the Civil War finished, President Lincoln was confident thatA. the change to a serene nation would certainly be relatively straightforward.B. he would certainly organize the office of president as lengthy as he wanted it.C. his postbattle burdens would weigh practically as heavily as those of wartime.D. Democrats would assistance Republican tranquility plans.

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