What was an achievement by the Song Dynasty of China?The Song rulers produced the first paper money in history.The Tune rulers beat Kublai Khan after a long battle.The Track rulers expanded into the Mongol Empire.The Song rulers establimelted a mechanism of coinage.

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Chinese emperor Tang Taizong was best well-known forestablishing social services.expanding the size of his empire.offering cost-free education for the negative.filling positions through Confucian scholars.
What was one lasting impact of Wu Zhao"s reign?Rebellions broke out as world started to oppose main rule.China gotten in a period of tranquility that lasted more than 5 years.Womales ongoing to assume high positions of power in the empire.Confucian scholars were appointed to powerful federal government positions.
China entered a period of peace that lasted even more than five years.**NOT
** Rebellions broke out as human being started to oppose main dominion.
Why did the Tang Empire confront challenges toward the end of its reign?The economic situation struggled as China came to be unable to protect its long-distance profession routes.The federal government experienced as friends were inserted in main positions rather of professional workers.The economic situation struggled as peasants became unable to pay their progressively higher taxes.The federal government experienced as the line of succession became unclear after Gaozong"s death.
To expand also his empire, Tang Taizong primarilyrelied on his military abilities.provided his trade relationships.made a decision loyal friends as officials.won over the peasants in rural locations.
The Track Empire flourished inreunifying several kingdoms.reunifying all the Flavor region.breaking up numerous kingdoms.breaking up all the Flavor territory.
How were officials favored for government positions within the Tang Dynasty?Loyal friends were placed in official positions.Positions were handed dvery own from father to child.Wealthy landowners phelp for government write-ups.Civil service exams aided identify professional employees.
The Grand Canal was constructed to connectthe Yellow Sea and the East China Sea.the Yangtze River and the East China Sea.the Huang He River and also the Yangtze River.the Huang He River and the Yellow Sea.
What was among Wu Zhao"s accomplishments as ruler of the Tang Dynasty?She linked China under one rule.She looked after the conquest of Korea.She increased the dimension of Tang area. She produced penalties for breaking the legislation.
Which statement effectively explains the Tune Dynasty?The dynasty establimelted civil organization exams to determine the ideal employees for government positions.The dynasty encouraged artists in various fields to produce jade carvings and porcelain sculpture.The dynasty produced a substantial empire that extended from the East China Sea much into western China.The dynasty supported virtuous leaders and also scholars who stupassed away the teachings of Confucius.
NOT*The dynasty created a substantial empire that extended from the East China Sea much into western China.
What was one noteworthy creation in the time of the Song Dynasty?acupuncturesilk trademoveable typecivil company exams
What adjust did the Mongols bring to China?The Mongols established the Han Dynasty.The Mongols establimelted the Yuan Dynasty.The Mongols expanded the Flavor Empire.The Mongols broadened the Song Dynasty.

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What was an success by the Flavor Dynasty of China?The Flavor rulers produced the first paper currency in history.The Tang rulers defeated Kublai Khan after a lengthy war.The Flavor rulers expanded into the Mongol Realm.The Tang rulers establiburned a mechanism of coinage.
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