History >>Renaissance for KidsThe Renaissance is mainly taken into consideration to have started in Florence, Italy roughly the years 1350 to 1400. The begin of the Renaissance additionally was the finish of the Center Ages.

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HumanismOne of the massive alters in the Renaissance was in the standard means people thought around points. In the Center Ages people assumed that life was intended to be difficult. They thrived up thinking that life was nothing but hard work and war.However, approximately the 1300s, the human being in Florence, Italy started to think differently around life. They studied the writings and works of the Greeks and also the Romans and realized that previously people had actually lived in a different way.This new way of thinking was dubbed Humanism. Now human being assumed that life could be enjoyable and they can have comforts. They began to think that world should be educated and also that things prefer art, music, and scientific research can make life much better for everyone. This was a actual adjust in the way human being thought.
Florence, ItalyAt the start of the Renaissance, Italy was divided up right into a variety of powerful city-states. These were areas of land that were ruled by a big city. Each city-state had its own federal government. One of the significant city-says was Florence. The government that ran Florence was a republic, prefer prehistoric Rome. This expected that the citizens elected their own leaders.In the late 1300s, Florence had actually come to be a rich city. Wealthy vendors and businessmales had actually the money to hire artisans and also craftsworld. This motivated competitions among artists and also thinkers. Art started to thrive and also brand-new thoughts began to arise.
The Medici Family was powerful in FlorenceCosimo de Medici by Agnolo Bronzino
In the 1400"s the Medici family came right into power in Florence. They were rich bankers and helped the arts along by sponsoring many kind of artists and also making use of their individual funds to better the humanist motion.Petrarch and also HumanismFrancesco Petrarch is regularly dubbed the "Father of Humanism". He was a scholar and a poet who stayed in Florence in the 1300s. He stupassed away poets and theorists from Ancient Rome such as Cicero and Virgil. His ideas and also poeattempt became an ideas to many type of writers and also poets throughout all of Europe as the Renaissance spcheck out.Giotto di Bondone - First Renaissance PainterGiotto was a painter in Florence, Italy. He was the initially painter to break amethod from the conventional Oriental style painting of the Middle Ages and also try somepoint brand-new. He painted objects and world as they actually looked in nature. Previously, artists had actually all painted more abstract paintings that didn"t look actual at all. Giotto is said to have began the Renaissance in art via his brand-new style of realistic painting.
Dante painted by Giotto
DanteAnvarious other major contributor to the begin of the Renaissance was Dante Alighieri. He resided in Florence and also composed the Devine Comedy in the at an early stage 1300s. This book is considered to be the best literary work-related ever composed in the Italian language.
New Ideas SpreadThis new way of thinking and also style of art conveniently spcheck out to other well-off Italian city-claims such as Rome, Venice, and also Milan. This early part of the Renaissance is often referred to as the Italian Renaissance. Italy would end up being wealthy through profession and their new principles soon spread throughout all of Europe.

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