byMo Willems Jon Agee, Tedd Arnold, Harry Bliss, David Catrow, Marla Frazee, Jerry Pinkney, Chris Raschka, Judy Schachner, David Shannon(Author)

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We all understand the joke. We" all told it. Kids love to tell it over and also over and also over again, through as many kind of different punch lines as possible. And now we" uncovered out that renowned award-winning artists love to tell the joke too—and also they have actually some wacky and downbest hilarious principles about why that chicken really did cross the road.

Mo Willems" chicken confesses his motives to a police officer; David Shannon" chicken can drive a car; Marla Frazee" chicken is trying to find an extra luxurious coop; and Harry Bliss" chicken encounters aliens. And this is just the start. One thing is for sure—you won" cross this book without a good laugh!

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My youngsters (5 and 7) both love this book. It isn" a story; quite, it" a compilation of different artists" answers to the " did the chicken cross the road" question. Each web page is thought-provoking and nicely shown. Some pperiods are funny, and others are just exciting.
I" not certain if my daughter appreciated this as a lot as I did, but this book is hilarious and also fun. This arsenal of illustrations is top-notch, to put it simply. This is an excellent book for stimulating interenergetic inquiries between the reader and the listener, also. This is one that YOU will desire to review again and also aobtain. Oh yeah, and your child/students more than likely will, as well.
I believed this book would certainly be a huge hit in my classroom bereason what initially grade student does not love jokes?The students didn" gain it. I did and also I delighted in all the good images from the different authors and also illustrators, however if you are buying it to check out to a classroom of 6 and also 7 years olds, probably take into consideration one more joke book.You can usage this book when talking around just how to highlight publications.
I purchased this book to offer as a gift to 4-8 year old children, thinking it would be something fun and also distinct for them considering that their father is a graphic artist. It gained such excellent reviews. Well, it" absolutely distinct. It" simply a stvariety book. The illustrations are nice, however I don" feel that this book is really a book for the 4-8 year old age variety. My husband asked me why I bought the book. He is an AVID reader of many kind of years. I told him about the great reviews and he simply shook his head saying, ", really." We are donating this book to the library.
Imagine your kids favorite authors/illustrators each giving a page to this book wherein they answer the age old riddle of why did the chicken cross the road? The book is funny via fantastic photos and should have actually wide appeal for primary schoolers and parental fees achoose.
Great book for prediction. A twist on the Big Bad Wolf stories. Very amazing the way Mo has actually crafted this story.

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