My neighbor blamed my amerihave the right to terrior pit bull for there dogs sprained ankle. They have a little dog that is constantly roaming cost-free and sometimes comes in my yard to usage the bathroom. No one witnessed my dog hurt tbelow pet. We obtained the ticket from the dog catchers however havent gone to court yet. What should I do before going to court? My dog is not aggressive. I have 3 tiny kids that she plays with all the moment. We've owned her since she was a puppy and also shes never before little an additional pet or person. She is 4 years old.

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A: Your dog did not gain the ticket - YOU did. These are criminal charges that you, the dog's owner, will certainly face in court and you might or might not end up through these charges on your record. If you plead or are found guilty to "aggressive animal", you will certainly need to resolve the onerous requirements that the statute needs aggressive pet owners follow. Thus, it is in your and your dog's best interest if you sheight to a criminal defense and animal attorney to go over every one of your options.


A: How significant this will be for you and also your dog relies completely on what the legislation you were charged under states. In some cities, choose Aurora for example, it's just a $150 fine and also nothing even more. In others, tright here can be effects. Normally how the dog acts around other human being is not relevant, it's just how the dog acted at the time of the alleged offense, which are strict liability charges definition the prosecution does not have to prove anything various other than your dog did somepoint asserted to be illegal and also there are no defenses. You have to have actually a consultation with an experienced pet attorney. Ask the attorney just how many type of years he/she has exercised animal legislation and also what percent of their practice is invested with dangerous dog defense. I've exercised pet legislation for over 5 years and also my present situation pack is about 50% dangerous dog defense.

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