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(very) Sick Dead Baby Jokes

Tastemuch less Baby Jokes Q: What is blue and also yellow and found at the bottom of a pool?A: A baby through slamelted floaties.Q: What is green-babsence and yellow and also found at the bottom of a pool?A: The very same baby 3 weeks later.Q: What"s red and yellow and also floats on peak of the pool?A: Floaties via a slashed baby.Q: What"s red and also sits in a highchair?A: A baby eating razor-knives.Q: What is red and also white and squirms in the corner?A: Dead Baby playing via razor knives.Q: What is red, white and also green and also sits in a corner?A: Same baby 3 weeks later on.Q: What"s blue and also thrashes about on the floor?A: A baby playing in a plastic bag.Q: What"s blue and sits in the corner?A1: Baby in a cellophane bag.A2: Dead Baby playing via saranwrap.Q: What is green and also sits in the corner?A: Same dead baby two weeks later!Q: What is Baskin Robbin"s flavor of the month this month?A: Blue Baby Cheesecake. (Tright here is a flavor of the month referred to as Blueberry Cheesecake)Q: How do you make a dead baby float?A1: Fill a glass with root beer, and also add a scoop of ice cream and also a scoop of dead baby.A2: One glass of Root Beer and two scoops of baby. (If on a diet usage only one scoop)A3: Add 8 ounces of Coke-Cola with 2 scoops of dead baby.A4: Take your foot off its head.Q: And where did you obtain these babies?A: Abortion Clinic.Q: (At Abortion clinic) "Boy, what are these world doing? I can"t gain in bereason they block my means. I want my float!"A: They are pro-life world. They do not favor sweet stuffs.Q1: What"s red and also white and also bubbles all over?Q2: What"s red, bubbly, and scratches at the window?Q3. What is brown and taps on a window?Q4: What"s pink and also red and also bangs on the home window ?Q5: What is babsence and also bubbly and also taps on glass?A: A baby in the microwave.Q: What is babsence and bubbly and taps on glass eincredibly ten seconds?A: Dead baby in a carousel microwave! (works finest if told while in a swivel chair)Q: What"s blue and also knocks on glass?A: A baby in a fishtankQ: What is burnt black and smells really bad?A1: A baby chewing on an extension cord.A2: A baby in the firelocation.Q1: What is red and swings earlier and also forth?Q2: What"s pink and also red and sways earlier and forth, ago and also forth...?Q3: What"s red and hangs four feet off the floor?A: Dead baby on a meathook.Q: How do you recognize when an elephant has been in the baby carriage?A: By the footprints on the baby"s forehead! (damn elephants acquire into everything!)Q: What do elephants usage for ben-wa balls?A: Dead babies.Q: Why did the baby cross the road?A: It was stapbrought about the chicken.Q: Why did the Koala fall out of the tree?A: Because it was dead.Q: Why did the baby autumn out of the tree?A: Due to the fact that it was stapcaused the koala.Q: Why did the tree loss over?A: The koala never before let go.Q: Why did the kangaroo die?A: Since the koala landed on it.Q: How perform you acquire a baby out of a tree?A: You give a Mexican a stick and tell him it"s a penata!Q: What has 4 legs and also one arm?A: A Dobermale in a children"s playground!Q: What is more fun than stapling dead babies to the wall?A: Pulling them off.Q: What"s even more fun than nailing a baby to a fence?A: Ripping it back off.Q1: What"s red and also white and goes "round and "round?Q2: What goes red white, red red, white white red...?Q3: What is pink and also red and goes round and round?Q4: What"s pink and also through a flick of a switch transforms red?Q5: What"s red and chunky and travels, in a circle, at 190 mph ?A: A baby in a blenderQ: Why perform you stick a baby in the blender feet first?A: So you deserve to view the expression on its face!Q1: How carry out you gain 1000 dead babies in a phone booth?Q2: How perform you get 10 dead babies right into a tupperware bowl?A1: La" Machine!A2: Use a blenderQ: How execute you acquire it out?A1: With a straw!A2: DoritosQ: What is worse than a dead baby in a garbage can?A: Ten dead babies in a garbage can.Q: What is worse than 10 dead babies in a garbage can?A: One dead baby in a ten garbage cans.Q: What"s worse than a dead baby in a trashcan lid?A: A trashcan lid in a dead baby.Q: What perform you perform with 4 dead babies and also a sheet of glass?A: Make a coffee table.Q: What is much easier to unpack, a truck complete of Dead Babies or a truck full of bowling balls?A: Dead Babies, you deserve to use a pitchforkQ: What"s the distinction between a truck pack of dead babies and a truck load of bricks?A: You can"t usage a pitchfork on bricks.Q: What"s the difference in between a barrel of water and a barrel ofbabies?A: You can not shovel water with a pitchfork.Q: How do you fill 100 screaming babies onto a truck?A: A pitchfork.Q: How carry out you unload a truck full of babies?A: With a pitchfork.Q: Why perform you unpack a truck full of babies with a pitchfork?A: So you have the right to tell which ones are still alive.Q: What"s this? (organize arms out and also shake them)A: A live one.Q: How execute you recognize when you hit a live one?A: The pitchfork shakesQ: How do you discover the live baby in a pile of dead ones?A: Jab "em all through a pitchfork.Q: What is worse than that?A: At the bottom of the pile, tright here was one trying to eat its way outQ: What is worse than that?A: It made itQ: What is worse than that?A: It went back for seconds!Q. Whats even more fun that spinning a baby on garments line?A. Stopping it with a shovel.Q: What"s even more fun that spinning a baby on a clothesline at 100MPH?A: Stopping it via a cricket bat (thwok)Q: What is worse than running a baby over with a car?A: Getting it out of the tires.Q: How is a baby favor a grape?A: They both offer a small wine as soon as you squish them.Q: What"s little, red, and also can"t revolve around in corridors?A: A baby via a javelin through its head.Q: How do you soptimal a baby falling down a manhole?A: Stick a javelin via it"s head.Q: What"s little, red and can not obtain right into elevators?A: A baby through a javelin in it"s head.Q: What does a dingo speak to a baby in a pram?A: Meals on wheels.Q: What is pink, and with the flick of a switch, goes black?A: A baby playing via a powerallude.Q: What"s babsence and furry and crawls throughout New South Wales?A: A baby spanned in Funnel-Internet spiders.( PS. Funnel-Net Spiders are black and also furry )Q: What"s red and also lies in all 4 corners of the room?A: A baby that"s been playing via a chainsaw.Q: What"s red, sits in the front of mirror, and also gets smaller and also smaller?A: A baby combing it"s hair with a potato peeler.Q: Whats red and white and screams?A: A peeled baby in a bag of salt.Q: What"s the proper gift for a dead baby?A: A dead puppy.Q: What is red and also crawls up your leg?A: A homesick abortion!Q: What"s pink and also red and silver and crawls right into walls?A: A baby with forks in its eyes.Q: What is red and hangs around in trees?A: A baby that was hit by a snow thrower.Q: What"s red and white and also is spread everywhere the lawn?A: A baby run over by a lawn mower.Q: What"s red, white and green and also is spreview almost everywhere the lawn?A: Same baby, 2 months later.Q: Why do not dead babies drive BMWs?A: Due to the fact that BMW jokes are practically as old as dead baby jokes! Sheish!! Get a life, why don"t you?!Q: How many kind of dead babies does it take to adjust a light bulb?A: As many type of as it takes to make a pile high sufficient to reach the light bulbvia.Q: What"s pink and also spits?A: A baby in a frying pan.A: Doner Kebabie.Q: What did the mother say to the baby on a stick that was crying?A: "Shush, Kebabie!"Q: What is the meaning of revenge?A: A baby through a dingo in its mouth.(This is definately an Aussie classic) - GlennQ: What"s the distinction between a baby and a bagel?A: You deserve to put a bagel in the toaster. You need to put the baby in the cooktop.Q. What is brvery own and also keeps it"s juices in?A. A baby in an oven bag.Q: How do you spoil a baby?A: Leave it out in the sunlight.Q: Why did the shark fisherguy speak at the abortion clinic?A: Dead babies make the best chum.Q: What"s scorched babsence and smells really bad?A: A baby playing with a blow torch.Q. What was the baby doing on the wall?A. Playing darts. It was the board.Q. What was the baby doing on the table?A. Lying on its tummy.

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It was the pin cushion.Q: What is 18" lengthy, cold and stiff, and also renders a womale scream in the morning?A: Crib fatality.Q: What"s worse (or more fun) than a dead baby in art class?A: Pinning it up on the bulletin board.Q: What"s worse than finding a dead baby on your pillow in the morning?A: Realizing you were drunk and made love to it the night prior to.Q: What"s the difference in between a bucket of gravel and also a bucket of placenta?A: You can"t gargle gravel.Q: What"s more fun than a barrel of dead babies?A: Sticking pins in their eyes.Did you recognize that it takes 5 babies to make just one bottle of baby oil?A woman was lying in her hospital bed recuperating after an intense12 hour delivery of a bouncing baby boy.Moments later the hospital room door opened, and in walkedthe shipment nurse transferring the baby boy ....SUDDENLY the nurse THROWS the baby on the floor, kicks it upversus the wall, picks it up and also TWIRLS it about a number of timesand THROWS it against the wall....Well, just bewildered, the woguy offers out a loud SHREEEK andhollers MY GOD ..... WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY BABY ??????The Nurse chuckles a small to herself "April Fools", she says...He was ALREADY DEADVERTISEMENT !!!!!!!!!!Q: Why are test tube babies the most beautiful onesA: Due to the fact that they"re hand also made