Tally left The Rap Game because she didn’t want to contend in the battle rap. This was the second time Tally left season 3 of the series. Tbelow are currently 4 rappers left contending for a contract through So So Def. Many type of believe Nova or Deetranada will win but King Roscoe defeated both of them in the “Don’t Underestimate Nobody” episode.

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Tally left on The Rap Game seakid 3 yet then her and her sister went back. When she acquired back she explained that her father made her leave after he discovered out around a brand-new contestant being included to the competition. We were glad to check out her rerevolve. She unleashed some impressive lyrics throughout her fight versus Ke$hun.

In the trailer for The Rap Game seachild 3 episode 7, “Fight For Your Spot” we watch Jermaine Dupri on an intersee through the Durtty Boyz (ET and also J-Nicks). The DJs have actually a surprise obstacle for the contestants. They have a rapper that they think have the right to rap much better than some of the contestants on the series. They want the perboy to rap versus the present contestants to earn a spot on the series.

Tally isn’t happy about the principle to add an additional contestant to the series. She doesn’t think one fight rap should decide if a brand-new person will come right into the home. Deetranada calls the concept grimy but she isn’t also upcollection around the concept. Flau’jae has a smile on her face as soon as she rejects the principle.
Who Left The Rap Video Game Seachild 3? Tally?

Jermaine Dupri accepts the Durrty Boyz challenge. ET claims if their rapper deaccomplishments the 5 existing contestants, he gets a bed. We then watch Dupri contact the new contestant right into a boxing ring. The new emcee calls JD out for selecting kids through no talent.

We then watch the contestants react to someone emptying out their room and also it’s obviously Tally bereason she didn’t approve of a brand-new contestant being added to the series. It’s not Nova or Deetranada bereason we see them run into the empty room. We then watch King Roscoe react to someone leaving, so we recognize it wasn’t him.

Flau’jae didn’t take the new contestant seriously so we don’t think she left. Tally left, for the second seakid in a row.

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YALL PROOF THAT TALLY LEFT 😂😂😂😂 #TheRapVideo Game pic.twitter.com/X4bgUy3OOP
The empty bed from the sneak optimal plainly matches Tally’s previous bed.

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