You played Consecure Daniel Parks in the first seaboy of The Doctor Blake Mysteries. The hippy-trippy Lowell in the US Friends With Better Lives is a marked adjust from that function.

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I was devadeclared to leave because it was my first substantial lead. I'd never started in a fresh show, which was a great suffer. I feel favor I've unfiniburned service via Doctor Blake.


The grass is constantly greener: Jules (Brooklyn Decker) and also Lowell (Rick Donald) in the initially episode of Friends With Better Lives.

Had you gone to LA to angle for roles there?

A lot of people go over for pilot season and also I was always planning to. I acquired the function from an audition filmed on my phone in Melbourne (while filming Housage Husbands) and also luckily it came with. In pilot seaboy you have the right to gain five, 6 (auditions) a week. You start churning them out a little little. This was extremely last minute and also I simply threw it dvery own.

Was Lowell always intended to be an Australian character?

Yeah, he was a hippy, surfer, green, chilled, vegetarian, owns a restaurant called Namaste where you pay what you can, pet lover, simply a positive-thinking Aussie.

Did you ever before ask why they wanted one such character?

I think it's because sitlutz-heilmann.infos have actually many success via someone that breaks up the mould. There's constantly someone from a various nationality to break it up. They seem to choose the Aussie flavour, they think we're basic going and also Aussies deserve to fit that mould pretty well.

So why did this audition in particular appeal?


When you put down the majority of these you obtain to a allude wbelow you want to put down one that you think you have actually a possibility at. Here it was simply me and the remainder of the Aussie . It was fun. I love acting in my accent. That was a large selling allude. That, and I thought I can do the duty justice.

Your accent in this is fairly wide. Did you amp it up?

I grew up in north Queensland also so I have the right to sound extremely ocker as soon as I want to. The lhelp ago character did readjust my voice a tiny little bit but it's 90 per cent my voice. I remember halfmeans through the series we were doing a table read and also another Australian actor had lutz-heilmann.infoe on playing my buddy, I remember as soon as he said his initially line, I assumed 'Jesus, is that what I sound like?' It's not till you hear it that you realise this is what we sound favor. I'd been there for 6 months and believed I sounded simply choose everyone else. I remember someone in a testimonial saying, 'I'm not sure about the Amerihave the right to doing the Australian accent'.

Was it various to functioning here?

It's difficult to lutz-heilmann.infopare bereason there's no sitlutz-heilmann.infos right here. Nothing can prepare you for working on one, because it's a hybrid suffer functioning with a live audience however having camperiods doing a close-up at the same time. I did feel that probably the Americans were a small even more serene with time. Going overtime wasn't a deal-breaker. They have many money so they deserve to afford to carry out reshoots, whereas in Australia there's an urgency to acquire points done. The Americans have actually such attack when they act, they throw 110 per cent into it and also it's the only means to make those lines job-related. One of the points I realised as soon as I began doing the is I necessary to include around 20 per cent to each line to make it land bereason otherwise it was also realistic.

I remember seeing the images of Dawchild (Van Der Beek) and Pacey (Joshua Jackson) on girls' pencil cases and knew it was huge yet I never before watched. I'm glad because it meant when I met James I wouldn't begin accidentally singing the layout song.

Was it intimidating to satisfy a star of his calibre?

He was great. My agent rang me to say congratulations, you acquired the function and two hrs later I had an email from James saying wellutz-heilmann.infoe to the crew buddy, can't wait to fulfill and job-related through you. He's a family members male, a good friend, human being only say good things around him.

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Were you disappointed Friends With Better Lives wasn't renewed for a second season?

The greatest disappointment was that we weren't going to hang out again, bereason we became excellent friends. We got the round rolling in regards to people understanding their personalities. With the second season everyone would certainly have introduced in however it was an excellent experience. I'd missed Australia and was happy to lutz-heilmann.infoe ago.