LOS ANGELES (lutz-heilmann.info) – The Josh Flagg, Colton Thorn breakup has left fans guessing what occurred this season. What taken place to Josh Flagg and also Colton Thorn, why did Josh Flagg and Colton breakup, and also why did Josh acquire involved to Bobby Boyd so far? This season, Josh said that Colton damaged up through him. But then after dating a bit, Josh said he saw the Beverly Hills Hotel for drinks with Bobby Boyd and also ended up “checking in.. and also spfinishing the night” via his Body, only to check out in the morning.

The Josh Flagg, Colton Thorn breakup is the latest massive “what happened” minute from BravoTV. Over the years the netjob-related has been under fire for not explaining “what happened” in various other shows; for instance, “what happened through Patti Stanger and Destin and also Rachel”, and “what occurred to Rachel Zoe and also Brad?”

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For Rachel Zoe’s last seaboy, Bravo shelp “Rachel Zoe describes what occurred via Brad Goreski and why he’s not functioning for her anyeven more.” Zoe showed up on air and shelp that she was “being used for the last time”. Zoe included “after 3 years functioning together, Brad sat Roger and I down and sassist ‘I must make a readjust. I want to be house through my dog and also boyfriend. I desire to be out of the limelight’.”

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In 2010, the question was “what happened to Rachel Taylor Jacobson”. Roger sassist points weren’t adding up. Roger renoted “We have been getting behind the numbers … and also frankly things aren’t adding up and that’s all I want to say about it.”

On Million Dollar Matchmaker, in 2013 fans asked “what happened to Destin and also Rachel, Patti’s aides.” Destin and also Rachel told lutz-heilmann.info “We left by choice to pursue new endeavors.” Destin better told lutz-heilmann.info that they were happy with their leave.

For now BravoTV tells lutz-heilmann.info that Josh and also Bobby’s romance will certainly ignite the brand-new season of Million Dollar Listing. “We’ll check out Josh’s significant minute and also even more as soon as MDLLA returns later this year.”

In April, Josh shocked social media by posting a picture of himself along someone else. Immediately fans asked for Josh to comment what happened to Colton. Flagg refused to comment. Rather he simply composed “Never before been so happy.” In July 2016, lutz-heilmann.info announced lutz-heilmann.info that Josh Flagg and also Bobby Boyd were involved. It came as a complete shock to fans because tbelow was no indication on social media prior that Josh had split from Colton, let alone was single, or even involved.

In 2013, Josh and Colton apparently made it through a breakup. But in 2015, Flagg said that he was never before more happy through Colton. “You don’t should have money to gain life, however I won’t lie — it’s a very convenient thing to have, and also it renders things much much easier. I recognize many people through money that are not happy — but it deserve to make your life easier and also open up many doors.” Josh included “I didn’t go to college however I have been to over 60 countries currently — it’s probably the ideal education you have the right to have.”


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