Manifest Destiny and also Social Reform

Manifest Destiny and also Social Redevelop were incredibly necessary elements throughout 1840-1850. Manifest Destiny is mainly around the idea that the concept that the nation was intended to spreview to the pacific. Social Redevelop was about world that wanted to recreate their culture because they didn"t favor it how it was. The social reformers were greatly run by womales.

The majority of Americans believed in Manifest Destiny which was the principle that the country was intended to spread to the pacific. In 1818 the UNITED STATE and Britain agreed to share the Oregon land. Many type of Americans moved to Oregon because they were farmers in search of excellent soil. Texas which was component of Mexico wanted to be absorbed by the UNITED STATE which was referred to as annexation. When Texas was linked by Polk, the Mexican federal government was furious. This caused the start of the Mexican-Amerihave the right to War.


The Mexican-Amerideserve to War was began in January 1846 as soon as President Polk sent out Gen. Zachary Taylor into area that was component of both UNITED STATE and also Mexico. He wanted Mexideserve to troops to fire at his soldiers so it would be easier to get the Amerihave the right to world to agree to go to war with Mexico. His setup worked and the UNITED STATE was going to battle through Mexico. Before the war started, Amerihave the right to settlers in California had actually an upincreasing and also toke over The golden state renaming it Bear Flag Republic. President Polk sent out General Scott tocapture Mexico"s capital and he did in September 1847. Mexico surrendered and also signed the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo on February 2, 1848. They gave the UNITED STATE areas which are now the states of California, Nevada, Utah, most of Arizona and also New Mexico, and parts of Coloraperform and also Wyoming. The UNITED STATE paid Mexico $15 million and also took over $3.25 million in debts. The Mexican government owed to Amerideserve to citizens. The brand-new claims in the U.S. made Ma

nifest Destiny a truth.

Tbelow were many type of important people involved in these occasions. Andrew Jackson was the president of the time once the principle of Manifest Destiny began. He didn"t annex Texas because it wanted to be a slave state. When James K. Polk won the presidential election he promised to annex Texas and also Oregon. He did what he promised by making Texas a state in the Union and separating Oregon along the 49 th parallel via Britain. The likewise won the Mexican-American War under Polk"s management. This expected the California and also many kind of various other claims were currently part of the U.S.

This decade was largely about the growth toward the west and recreating culture. The Americans thought in Manifest Destiny and they accomplished that by defeating Mexico in the battle and then taking over most of their areas. They additionally redeveloped the culture by banning alcohol in many of the claims.

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Womales were the majority that wanted to reform society by banning alcohol.


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