Why did Devon leave Letterkenny? Alexander De Jordy hasn’t reprised the character in some time, yet what taken place to him?

Pitter patter, let’s acquire at ‘er!

Letterkenny season 9 offered fans with the perfect Christmas present in 2020 and it didn’t take long for audiences to get at all salso episodes.

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Looking ago over nine periods of Jared Keeso’s Canadian sitcom, tright here have actually been a riches of highlights. However, it actually had actually a life beforehand.

It began as a YouTube web series referred to as Letterkenny Problems and was later on commissioned as a TV series. Because then, it has actually evolved right into a beloved cult hit which has gradually solidified a far-reaching viewership.

Many kind of familiar deals with went back to flex their comedic muscles in the latest batch of episodes. On the other hand, some have actually when again been compelcaused question what occurred to Alexander De Jordy’s character, Devon…

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Why did Devon leave Letterkenny?

It remains unparticular why Devon left Letterkenny. However before, the narrative decision was perhaps influenced by Alexander De Jordy.

Devon was component of the present from the start, appearing in seakid 1 episode 1 – titled ‘Ain’t No Reakid to Get Excited’ – and giving his final appearance in ‘St. Perfect’s Day’.

This St. Patrick’s Day holiday special aired between periods 2 and also 3 but Devon hasn’t been checked out given that.

As listed by Letterkenny Fandom, he vanished shortly after St. Patrick’s Day without any kind of explanation. Of course, Stewart and also Roald were beaten up by Devon’s mysterious decision.

Stewart later disposed of the possessions left behind in the basement.

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At one point, they believed that a masked clvery own terroincreasing the basement might have actually been Devon, but it was later on revealed to be Gae.

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