Are we meant to cover our bird’s cage at night? We gain asked this on consultations ALL. THE. TIME. 

I can generally assume you’re using a cage cover if you say… 

“My bird is super territorial of his/her cage and also tries to bite anytime we come near, or also attempt to adjust out the food or water dishes!” 

“My bird doesn’t seem to be getting top quality sleep as it view it take long naps throughout the day.” 

“My bird is OBSESSED through blankets and also my garments and won’t sheight biting holes in it all!” 

“My bird keeps hanging out at the bottom of his/her cage yet he has been to the vet and isn’t sick.” 


#1 PEOPLE MIS-USE THEM. People learn genuine quick that if their bird is screaming obnoxiously they can just cover him to shut him up, making use of the cage cover as ‘punishment’ yet in truth, birds don’t understand it as punishment and also it has actually a domino effect of developing even even more emotional difficulties. Plus, it’s JUST MEAN. LET’S PUT YOU IN THE DARK WHEN YOU ANNOY PEOPLE. NOT COOL. 

#2 THEY CREATE HORMONAL FEATHERY MONSTERS. Let’s produce a dark, warm, cozy nest together by placing this dark blanket all over your space and then destroy it eincredibly morning! Because that renders sense… NOT! Cage covers can make your bird’s cage a NEST that it comes all points hormonal over. It starts hanging out in locations that feel cozy and dark, it starts ending up being protective and also territorial of the room, all the lovely horror-monal points. 

#3 BUT ARE THEY REALLY ASLEEP? You don’t understand unmuch less you can hear your bird talking or moving approximately if he/she is REALLY asleep under there. Many most likely, they aren’t. And people simply assume that now that the cage cover is on, they have the right to watch their favorite TV present in the very same room and also the bird is just sleeping through it. Trust me, they’re not and also even if they were, it’s crap quality of sleep. 

#4 SAFETY! I do feel pretty guilty that it took me until number 4 to also mention this because it’s probably the the majority of important… however birds regularly ingest the cloth of their cage covers. It’s exceptionally prevalent to have actually birds (specifically cockatoos) reach through via their adorable feet and also grab a section of their cover and pull it right into their cage. Many begin off simply shredding it, destroying it, using it as nesting material… but many type of end up ingesting it which causes blockeras and can lead to surgical procedure and/or fatality. They have the right to additionally come to be entangled in the process of pulling acomponent the towel. 

#5 AIR FLOW! Birds are recognized for their sensitive respiratory units, the last thing we need to be doing is messing via the organic air flow they would otherwise be receiving in our houses. They’re dusty creatures and also macaws in certain are at risk to having actually respiratory problems - they require accessibility to fresh air flow all night. 

In conclusion, cage covers reason even more problems than they sell solutions. We carry out not use them for our birds and think in the adhering to alternatives for obtaining your bird a good night"s sleep (good nights sleep = high quality, uninterrupted 12 hours):

A sleeper cage in a quiet, dark room. Black out curtains in your bird"s cage-room. Lights on a timer (prefer we usage indoors for our birds). 

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I bought Loki, My Cockatiel yesterday from a bird sanctuary, he’s supplied to living in an aviary and also is a year old. He currently resides via me in an indoor cage, it’s substantial enough for him … I’ve removed most toys as he’s not used to them at all. I have left the cage door open and also he’s flown about however getting him back in is stressful for both of us. How carry out I bond with him and tame him? I’ve just been sitting beside his cage eating my meals next to it additionally. Is this the best point to carry out.I feel I require the re assurance that I’m doing points appropriate, I’ve watched all your videos for tips.




Thank you all for all the various situations and the ideas…. My cockatiel “Hissy” was with his owner for 8 yrs before I embraced him and also has actually had a much less than desirable time via relocating and being yelled at. I acquired a lot out of the night time extending ideas…I was making use of a blanket, currently use a sheet..thank you. He has actually never before acquired on anyone’s finger EVER and I would love to have US have actually that enjoyment together. Any concepts how to start training him to be more interenergetic or is he currently collection in his means..after 8yrs of no loving call, like petting, or being close to me exterior or inside his cage?


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I’ve had actually a cockateal in the previous which I spanned at night. The cover was a bed sheet which I shaped to fit the cage. There was a 4 inch gap where his feeders were at the bottom. If he wasn’t ready for sleep, he would sit on a feeder and peer with the gap till he was ready. Then he would certainly go up to his top perch and settle. We had actually him for 19years, however he sadly died last November. Now I have a Indian Ring Neck Parrot, (or Parakeet s ) as some world speak to them. He’s around 5 month’s, Av had actually him coming up 7 weeks. I tried extending him at night, but he wouldn’t settle. I area a towel on cage roof just, he excerpts this. If I desire him to acquire offered to somepoint, the cage roof is the place. Also, when the curtains are attracted, he accepts that as cage time. He won’t come out of his cage until the curtains are opened. In colder weather, I will certainly cover him for warmth, but make sure he has plenty of ventilation. We are both discovering about each other as eincredibly bird and also huguy arnt the very same ?

Olly my cockateal as a cage downstairs aswell but he only goes in it as soon as he gets hungry, he as acquired the run of the residence, he likes sitting on the home window sill looking out, he loves the grandchildren coming round and also gets on the floor with them, he loves the toys, olly as obtained toys almost everywhere the area, and he loves a cardboard box. When I first obtained him 5 yrs back this Dec it was a wk prior to xmas, my household acquired him for me with brand-new cage coz my various other cockateal passed away a wk before, I was totaly devasted, had her for 11yrs, anymethod I had actually decs up for xmas so wouldnt let olly out untill decs came dvery own and also he obtained offered to where he was, I began taking him upstairs to sleep from day one, did cover him however he didnt favor it and had night fcivil liberties, so kept the cover of so he might view me, as soon as I let him out of cage for initially time he simply flew in to whatever via panic, however he settled on a photo framework and also didnt relocate for 7 hrs, he saw sleep, after that he was ok, and currently he is so cheeky, he flys out to the kitchen when im peeling spuds and also claims hello mummy what u doing,