Christmas is the magic door that is opened, it"s an invitation to think that our dreams might come true, it"s the prelude of the brand-new year that comes complete of brand-new avenues. 

There"s no doubt that it"s among the the majority of beautiful seasons of the year. 


Evenings via warm chocolate: Afternoons and also evenings are better once you"re with your friends, even even more as soon as they are accompanied with a delicious warm cocoa. Bonus: A cozy blanket to be more comfortable. 


Christmas cookies: Christmas isn"t Chrismas if we don"t eat classic Christmas cookies.

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Bonus: chocolates, cakes, candies...they taste also much better when we are via our loved ones. 


Socks: This might seem wierd, however what is it around this season that suddently walking through socks around the home is the nicest thing of the world? 


Gatherings with family and friends: Parties or little reunions, sharing unforgettable moments with our loved ones is among the many beautiful things about Christmas. 


The pleacertain of sharing: What would certainly Christmas be without small generosity gestures? Giving a tiny gift to our loved ones.

HALLOWEEN fragrances capture the magic of their olfactive inventions, via which we have the right to please in these parties and being successful while offering...

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HALLOWEEN is the magic of an intangible dream that materializes in you, in me… in our wishes. What are your wishes for Christmas?


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