Actually, I can, however for the sake of poetic angst and over-romanticizing of emotions…

Why Can’t I by Liz Phair is like among my fave songs ever before. It might be dirty, yet it’s a nice song to listen to as soon as you’re crushing on someone. Not that I think of…stealing someone’s bf & doing questionable things, but. Um. Anymeans.

Well, now I told myself that I have to speak hoping for E.T to appear. But I still couldn’t aid however people-watch, in really hopes that I’d check out his face. Rebs and Eli checked out buy drinks, so I sat at our table guarding our bags. & who must show up then yet E.T, picking the table RIGHT ACROSS FROM ME?!

& sitting directly throughout also. Well,kinda to the left-straight throughout. Yeah. Either means, he was in my line of sight, & I his – assuming he also noticed.

He visited acquire his food, & I obtained all nervous and trembly, and texted my Dip+ mates..don’t know why they were the initially names to pop up in my head. Elitha regulated to rotate once or twice to look at him when he went back, but I didn’t dare look.

I tried proceeding the convo generally, however I was so stiff & awkward. I couldn’t really look at Rebekah bereason he was ideal behind her, dealing with me. I snuck choose, 2 peeks in the whole 30 minutes or so that he was seated there. Kept plotting ridiculous means to method him, and kept going : WHAT SHOULD I DO ARGH HELP WHAT TO DO WHAT TO DO…

Well he left without so a lot as a glance, so. I can be sure he either knows I’m a stalker and also has actually determined that I deserve to be safely ignored, or he simply doesn’t care that I’m prefer this pathetic fangirl who becomes all stupid whenever he’s near.

Then during breaktime we were just food preparation up more stupid methods to fulfill him and also giggling over it once he appeared AGAIN. This time to get green tea (!!!) . I pointed out to Rebs later on that I constantly get green tea as well, and also she was prefer : Yes, you, him & the whole Chinese populace. many thanks, many thanks.

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Sigh, then he left through a gaggle of girls, favor Papa Goose.