Which of the complying with retains the indevelopment it's storing once the system power is turned off?

Hi guys, would you mind to aid me out.One of my freshly reformat PC obtained this trouble.After formatting the pc from win xp to win7. It transforms out that i can not access our neighborhood application associated to our network and our intranet webwebsite.. LAN cable are connected, dns establishing was correctly configured, proxy setting has actually been used as well. It can browse internet peras. e.g. www.google.comgive thanks to you men.All is well.

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Gopal (Vembu)

Check any type of DNS sufsolve worry (fqdn for win7 machine). Are you able to browse with FQDN / IP for your intranet sites ?



Is it domain member? Did you inspect your subnet mask and also persistent routes? Did you do reboot after netjob-related settings?

Have you percreated the standard tests?

Can the user ping the inner site by name and IP?Are the DNS servers outside only?

Have you check the firewall is permitting accessibility to inner networks? Is this computer in a different network-related or VLAN?

hi men, many thanks for every one of your reply.And yes is is a doprimary member. I currently inspect those establishing and also restart it.. however didnt have actually the luck

Did you access that intranet website making use of IP address instead of name if no Frist try thatOrJust include your intranet site name via IP resolve in host entryc:WindowsSystem32Driversetchosts intranet

Are you utilizing IE occasionally this is the problem!

seen this prior to it was an IE issue that was buggering up the network!

Are you able to ping this pc from the server? Is netoccupational discovery turned on on this pc? Are you able to affix utilizing different credentials, administrator?

For local relations have you collection the IP/URL to be bypassed in the Proxy or inspect the box in proxy settings to "Bypass proxy server for regional addresses".

Check any type of DNS sufsolve problem (fqdn for win7 machine). Are you able to browse with FQDN / IP for your intranet sites ?

In IE-Tools, Security, Local Intranet, Sites..Uncheck Automatically detect Intranet network-related..inspect various other 3..Give a try

In IE, check, Web Options, Security-Click Local Intranet, Sites. Uninspect Automatically detect intranet network- all others checked.

Give a try


1. Have you tried to disable home windows firewall ? 

2. If you have endallude in place, have actually you put your netjob-related on trusted site/network?

3. Can you ping any computer names inside your network? can it refixed computer system names to IP ? (nslookup)

4. Do you have actually DNS server (locally in place?) 

5. from various other PC, can you ping this COMPUTER ? 

Hi men,

Good news. It shows up that it was really a DNS difficulty. After reformatting that unit and configured in a method our company does. I determined that the DNS suffixes I input last time was misspelled so that is why I can`t attach on our internal server applications.

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Guys give thanks to you incredibly much for every one of your assistance. Appreciate it. Cheers!!!


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