Embassy account makes light of ayatollah calling Jewish state a ‘cancerous tumor’ that must be ‘removed’


Israel poked fun at Iranian risks to destroy it on Monday, replying to Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei through an animated GIF on Twitter.

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Khamenei lashed out at Israel in a series of tweets, calling the Jewish state the “cancerous tumor” of the region that should be “rerelocated and eradicated.”

The Israeli Embassy in Washington responded via a GIF asking, “Why are you so obsessed through me?” featuring Rachel McAdams in the 2004 movie “Average Girls.”

The Amerihave the right to teenager comedy portrays high institution social cliques and also their damaging impacts.


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— Embassy of Israel (
IsraelinUSA) June 4, 2018

The Israeli consulate in New York additionally showed up unfazed by the Iranian leader’s threat:Anyone that continues to support a address #Iran that enables this genocidal regime to achieve nuclear weapons must be made to recompose this tweet from its Supreme Leader 100 times on a blackboard, Bart Simpson style.#GreatReturnMarch #IranDeal #Israel https://t.co/mAsg6x4buQ


— Israel in New York (
IsraelinNewYork) June 4, 2018

They were responding a day after a collection of tweets in which Khamenei leveled harsh criticism at Israel for its taking care of of the violent Hamas-orchestrated “March of Return” protests alengthy the Gaza border.“Our stance versus Israel is the very same stance we have constantly taken,” he shelp. “#Israel is a malignant cancerous tumor in the West Eastern region that has to be removed and also eradicated: it is feasible and it will occur.”

— Khamenei.ir (
khamenei_ir) June 3, 2018

Khamenei has actually formerly branded Israel as “barbaric,” “infanticidal,” and the “sinister, unclean rabid dog of the area.” More recently, he blamed “Zionists” for the anti-government demonstrations hosted throughout Iran previously this year.

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September 3, 2021
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Anti-vaxxer teacher forcibly removed from kindergarten after refusing virus test
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Israeli male life span in decline amid COVID pandemic — TV
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Israeli study: 1 in 4 kids became more violent in the time of COVID era
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Daily COVID tally hits brand-new record, however severe cases continue to drop
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Serious patients now at 666 after getting to 753 on Sunday; despite energetic cases passing 90,000 and with over 11,000 everyday infections, COVID czar expresses ‘mindful optimism’
Stone cold sting: Old Jerusalem weight points to a 2,700-year-old hustle
By Stuart Winer
Old ‘two-gerah’ stone dug up close to Old City discovered to weigh over 3 times the amount inscribed on its surface; archaeologists assess it was supplied to cwarmth in trading
No plans to limit settlement building and construction for currently, Israeli main says
By Jacob Magid
Biden just voiced general opplace in meeting via Bennett, so Jerusalem is still operating based on Trump-era rules, which enabled building within towns’ existing footprints
PA’s Abbas meets Egypt’s Sissi, Jordan’s Abdullah in rare trilateral summit
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Bennett and also Egypt’s Sissi to satisfy publicly in Sinai quickly — report
By TOI staff
Womale threa10s to blow up bank wearing fake explosive vest; she functions there
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Reports say 31-year-old suspect, now in custody, is an employee of the Haifa financial institution she was trying to rob
Urging activity, president laments deadly arranged crime as ‘civilian terrorism’
By TOI staff
Siblings charged in January killing of Islamic Movement leader in Jaffa
By Emanuel Fabian
New undercover police unit formed to clamp down on crime in Arab communities
By TOI staff
Israel formally moves to US Central Command’s area of responsibility
By Judah Ari Gross
The move, announced in January, is intended to enhance communucation and coordination in between Israel and also other US allies in the region in fight against Iran
ExclusiveIsraeli officials cautioned Biden against hefty criticism of Egypt, Saudi Arabia
By Jacob Magid
Bennett picks new chief, ‘Resh,’ for Shin Bet protection service
By Judah Ari Gross
Israel inaugurates Chinese-run Haifa port terminal, in most likely increase for economy
By Ricky Ben-David
$1.7b terminal operated by state-owned Shanghai firm to handle huge vessels of some 18,000 containers; Transportation Minister Michaeli states it will certainly accelerate profession, lower prices
From The Hartguy Institute
Can Nations Repent?
As the high holidays technique, Donniel Hartguy and also Yossi Klein Halevi comment on what it might intend for a country to repent considering its inner divisions and also previous behavior
Promoted Content
Securing indevelopment in the age of supercomputers
An ‘Iron Dome for data’ from Israeli startup QuantLR protects information using Einstein’s principles of quantum mechanics
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Tokyo 2020Israeli swimmers win 2 more gold medals at Tokyo Paralympics
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Many Jewish Israelis assistance government’s proposed religious recreates, poll finds
By Ben Sales
French far-right veteran Jean-Marie Le Pen on trial over Holocaust pun
By Anne Lec"hvien
Israeli trees doing well, according to global assessment of 58,497 people species
By Sue Surkes
Biden reportedly reaffirms pact not to press Israel on its alleged nukes
By TOI staff
New food tech hub in north to breakthrough Israeli creations, states leading investor
By Ricky Ben-David
Bank Leumi indicators address Google to roll out digital wallet in Israel
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Famed IDF ex-basic Kahalani discharged from hospital after serious infection
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Sacklers to pay $4.5 billion, disfix Purdue Pharma in opioid settlement
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Nachman Shai
I recognize Israel has let you dvery own. We are doing teshuvah – repentance
As minister of Diaspora Affairs, I think Israel and the Diaspora require each various other. That’s the conversation I hope we can have over these High Holidays
Sheila Nesis
Who will live and also who will certainly buy… a carpet?
One line in the High Holidays liturgy offers a life-affirming release from the ​paralyzing confrontation via the inescapable failures of humanity
Michael Harvey
The abortion debate…again, many thanks to Texas
No, Judaism doesn’t think pregnancy termination is a great thing, and also no, Judaism would never before support a flat abortion ban
Blimi Marcus
Until it was his time to die
How a needle phobia surely conserved my patient’s life, though it couldn’t protect him from cancer
Jessica Levine Kupferberg
At 12, she knew she wanted to sign up with the IDF
I placed my hands on my daughter’s head, blessed her, and also sent out her off, with thick socks and a chunk of my spirit, to serve as a soldier of Israel
Lazar Berman
On DC pilgrimage, Bennett’s technique to Iran – and also governing – took amorphous shape
Premier points at wisdom of his multi-faceted initiative versus Tehran and heart of unity in his coalition, but he’ll have to show more boldness going forward if he inhas a tendency to lead
Melissa Hoffman
The shemitah year calls us to repair a damaged food system
As established nations develop even more and more food yearly, the earth itself is in risk, for true abundance requires rest
Yedidia Z. Stern
The (non-)draft regulation for Haredim
Lowering the draft age for the ultra-Orthodox to let them leave the army at the usual age sounds favor a great principle, yet it could simply lug dvery own this people’s army
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Good ideas taken as well far: The updated Green Pass
I am a solid proponent of the vaccines, but these new regulations will certainly inflate the demand for the booster among those that require it least
Ophir Falk
515 Israelis passed away in August, institutions have to continue to be shut in September
Following this government’s serial misprocedures, and via more than 125,000 unvaccinated teachers and also students, opening institutions now have the right to kill children
David Stav
Legal or not, synagogues should not satisfy indoors
Yes, we are all worn down from this totality procedure but specifically now, we have to continue to be focused and the obligation has to be shifted to us
Sarah Bernstein
Do Jewish kids require a Jewish teacher?
The demand by some parental fees that their children’s homeroom teachers share their Zionist worths reflects a misunderstanding of how identity is actually shaped
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