I"m At Soup, additionally recognized as Soup Store, is an animated meme in which 2 personalities are displayed yelling at each various other over a phone call: One character requires another"s presence, but the various other is inhabited via shopping for clothing and can"t discover anypoint but soup. As the former character instigates the various other character"s search, s/he discovers that the other is in a keep which sells nopoint however soup.

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The skit was first developed in an aconnected parody of Code Geass – called Code MENT – for its sixteenth episode, uploaded to YouTube on May second, 2015 by PurpleEyesWTF.<1> A snippet of the scene was posted on May fourth, 2015 by YouTuber AndeePasta, gaining over 3 million views.

(Lelouch Lamperouge, from his dining room, calls Suzaku Kururugi on a cell phone. Suzaku answers his cell phone in a grocery save.)Lelouch: Hello?Suzaku: Hey, what"s up?Lelouch: I require your help, have the right to you come here?Suzaku: Uh, I can not, I"m buying clothing. Lelouch: Alideal, well hurry up and also come over below.Suzaku: I can not uncover them. Lelouch: What carry out you mean you can not discover them?Suzaku: I can"t uncover them, there"s just soup. Lelouch: What do you expect there"s just soup?Suzaku: It suggests there"s just soup!Lelouch: Well then acquire out of the soup isle!Suzaku: Albest you don"t have to shout at me!(Suzaku walks down an isle.)
Suzaku: There"s more soup!Lelouch: What perform you intend there"s more soup?Suzaku: There"s simply even more soup!Lelouch: Go into the next isle!Suzaku: There"s still soup!Lelouch: Wright here are you appropriate now?Suzaku: I"m at soup!Lelouch: What perform you expect you"re "at soup?"Suzaku: I intend I"m at soup!Lelouch: What save are you in?Suzaku: I"m at the soup store!Lelouch: Why are you buying apparel at the soup store?Suzaku: Fuck you!


The first computer animation to use the skit"s audio was made by YouTube user Kin"s Secret Stash,<2> which was uploaded to YouTube on May 2nd, 2015, the very same day the episode aired. Six months after its uppack, the video has actually acquired over 100,000 views (presented below, left). On June 18th, YouTube user Krunkidile<3> uploaded the the majority of popular I"m At Soup variation, getting over 6.7 million views (shown below, right).

alexsteacy<4> posted an I Am Once Aobtain Asking For Your Financial Support variation (shown listed below, left). On October 17th, 2019, Redditor noname-nolife posted a photo referencing the skit to /r/animemes,<5> getting over 22,000 points (shown listed below, right).


On May 4th, 2020, the meme and its lasting influence were spanned by Insider.

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