I just bought my Vita and also I can't play anypoint bc it didn't come through a memory card. I desire to download most of my games so I'm in search of a 32 gb at least. Do I simply bite the bullet and pay optimal dollar or is there some trick underground babsence sector that doesn't involve jail breaking?


They're proprietary memory cards that were initially priced to subsidize the cost of the mechanism (the Vita launched at the same price as the 3DS). In addition, the Vita kinda bombed, so they were never able to take advantage of economic situations of range favor via SD cards to manufacture them cheaply. In addition, the Vita was disongoing in the west in 2016 and is much less than a year amethod from being discontinued in Japan. There aren't many type of civilization interested in buying a Vita memory card in 2018 at any price, yet the human being that need them, require them. Sony has actually no reason to charge less.

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If you really desire to play something, simply buy a 8gb memory card, it will fit additionally around 2 PS VITA full games or a variety of Indies.

I understand it's painful to uninstall somepoint to install an additional, however you have the right to conveniently find a 8gb card for an affordable price. It's the cheapest "official" way.

I'll second this, you can acquire by simply fine through an 8gb if you setup your ago log appropriate. Or a 16gb if the price is right.

Agreed, mine came with a 16 GB mem card, supplied and also honestly, it's sufficient for what I want to play on it. The only games I came across thay were just also massive were SK:EV and more than likely some PS2 reunderstand I don't remember the name of.

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My advice is to look roughly internet auction sites and also in your area first prior to buying one complete price. The 8GB memory card I currently own was 6$ off of craigslist yet I controlled to gain it for $3. Anvarious other 16GB card I picked up when aget off of craigslist for just $8. These are exceptions but make certain to look roughly the "used" sector, which is my variation of an underground babsence market, but you'll be sure to uncover something tright here ultimately, great luck!

No, Vita memcards corrupt pretty quickly, so I'd say gaining 4 16GB cards is theoretically the ideal alternative because if one fails, you won't lose all your stuff. Also swapping cards is easy as a reboot only takes a pair seconds

Piracy is the major factor. They didn't desire the Vita to end prefer the PSP did, however that arrangement backfired on them I guess...