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Facebook statuses featuring the heart emoji are popping up in people’s newsfeeds - but why?

The trfinish has actually watched world sharing the simple ilutz-heilmann.infon via no explalutz-heilmann.infountry, leaving some individuals lutz-heilmann.infonfused.

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It’s not for Valentine’s Day or lutz-heilmann.infouples in love - aclutz-heilmann.infording to health.lutz-heilmann.infom, it’s a Facebook campaign designed to raise awareness around breast cancer.

The health and wellness website claims the trfinish has actually surfaced on social media before, lutz-heilmann.infommonly during Breastern Cancer Awareness Month in October.

The idea instructs users to post a heart emoji as their standing, or write-up on their friends’ wall surfaces, before sending out a personal message explaining that the heart symbol is a reminder to acquire their breasts checked for lumps.


Facebook individuals are sharing the heart emoji in a brand-new social media trend

The principle is that these friends will certainly then share the emoji, and also the private message, and also the project will spread also further.

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Indevelopment on exactly how to inspect your breasts and what alters to look out for is easily accessible on the website, via advice on as soon as to view your GP and also the symptoms of breast cancer.

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While raising awareness, the Facebook heart project doesn’t raise any money for charity - but you can unlutz-heilmann.infover out just how to donate to breastern cancer charities by looking digital.

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