When building this webwebsite from hand also, I worked with a bunch of CSS approaches I’d not supplied before. I had the ability to create blocks and also set widths, pincluding, and margins via basic ease. In the end, my test write-ups looked excellent and I was happy.

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Then, after publishing my testimonial of news app Nuzzel for iOS, I notice that the images I was embedding in my text write-ups were coming out blurry. The text in the picture provided it ameans.

After double checking my original picture on my difficult disk and also uploading the image in a number of layouts to test the results, I found myself with an insect. One that I assumed was an outcome of my limited CSS understanding.

Turns out, It’s a Tumblr point. According to the official Tumblr layout structure documentation, the recommfinished picture dimension is 500px. That’s how images are displayed in the dashboard, so that’s just how big their servers are going to process them. Good for the dash, bad for your write-up.

Tbelow is an noticeable solution. You deserve to upload your images to a CDN or various other hold favor Flickr, Imgur, or Photobucket, but the trouble you’ll run into tbelow is a grey box in your dashboard wbelow the photo should display. Basically, if it’s not a tumblr held image, it’s not going to look excellent all over.

So, I’ve found a work-roughly. Using this strategy, you can upfill a picture to tumblr and also use a greater resolution at any size your template supports. We perform this through the photo post alternative. This uplots your photo at a greater resolution (1280px) than the “upfill photo” switch in your text and also connect article toolbars.

Here is the procedure. First, click to include a photo write-up from your dashboard. Upload your photo. Then, pick “Blog post privately” from the write-up switch dropdvery own menu. Then short article.

Next off, click the photo on your dash so that the complete image appears in a lightbox pop-up. The background have to rotate dark to highlight your photo. Right click on the picture and pick “copy image address” from your menu. Exit the viewer and also open up the short article you wish to usage the photo in.

In the “” check out, insert an image embed code favor this:

Rearea the URL above with the attach you simply duplicated from the privately uploaded photo.

Ptestimonial your article now. The photo need to appear clearer than before. You can delete the personal article at this time. The photo will proceed to job-related within your article, pulled from Tumblr’s servers.

Using this approach, you will certainly have actually full, crisp imeras on both your blog’s pperiods and also in the Tumblr dashboard.

Using the “uppack photo” toolbar button:


Using my method:


It’s not perfect. I’m not using a retina display and there is some information crunching going on server-side. But as you have the right to watch, tright here is a noticeable difference that should boost the way your blog short articles appear to your readers.

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I hope this helps anyone experiencing this problem. I also hope Tumblr provides some much better services for text-based short articles in the near future.