In this guide, I’ll display you exactly how to determine the cause and also what you have the right to carry out about it.

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Let’s dive in.

What Is Happening?

The loss of the green coloration of the leaves, resulted in by a absence of chlorophyll, is recognized as chlorosis.

As chlorophyll is vital for converting sunlight right into chemical power, its reduction threatens the health and wellness of your cucumber plant.

But to find out exactly what’s bring about it you must take a closer look.

Cucumber Leaves Turning Yellow: The Causes

The causes of chlorosis usually loss into among 5 categories: plant pests, illness, nutritional deficiencies, light troubles, and water troubles.

Let’s take a closer look at just how you have the right to identify your trouble, and importantly, what you can carry out about it:

Plant Pests


Six out of my nine cucumber plants have actually wilted through leaves gone yellow. I have been watering them day-to-day through a little water and on one occasion I included tomato fertiliser liquid to the water. I have actually stopped watering for the last four days however namong the plants have recovered. The three that are OK seem to be prospering yet obtained the same treatment. The plants are in the greenhome which has been extremely hot the last few days. I recognize now that I have over watered the plants however has the tomato fertiliser and also warm greenresidence problems had and also affect too.

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