To answer the question of why are laptops even more expensive than desktops, a couple of basics need to be interpreted. That’s the specific function of this article.

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Although both types of computer systems depend on semiconductors to work, the variety of similarities start diminishing as you look closer at their inner building and construction.

The main factor why laptop computers are even more expensive than desktops is in the development prices to produce hardware that is compact sufficient and at the same time meeting an intended level of performance.

And it’s not just performance that is a big challenge. It is additionally keeping the mechanism cool enough that stability is maintained under the majority of widespread usage problems.

Differences of each component that influence the price

Here is a straightforward list of the major components that make a distinction in how much they price with an explacountry of why that might be.

If you are curious, I have created an additional write-up around miscellaneous parts of a computer system and also their attribute for computers in basic if you’d prefer to learn even more.

The motherboard


To make a lapheight as compact as feasible, more components should be included onto the motherboard in a smaller sized footprint compared via a standard-sized desktop computer motherboard.

With a smaller sized motherboard, more style difficulties needs to be get over. Here are a few examples:

Smaller component footprint: Contents need to be selected that provide the best solution for their dimension.Extra refinement on track layout: Due to the fact that tright here are fairly a few components that are interassociated with each various other on a smaller sized motherboard, circuit pathmeans have to be designed that have actually extremely bit clearances. Layout: Lots of consideration hregarding be made for the component layout so that factors prefer shielding, performance, and also heat aren’t an problem.


Lapoptimal CPU

Central processing systems provided in laptops are termed as a mobile processor. They run in a slightly different way when it comes to power consumption.

That is wright here some additional price would go into it’s development. Special thought hregarding go into achieving sufficient levels of performance while making use of the leastern amount of power feasible.

Power administration features are very important and also add some extra price in advance to attain an adequate outcome.

It isn’t exceptionally often anyeven more that you will view a CPU socket on a lapheight motherboard. To conserve room, CPU’s are normally soldered directly to the motherboard utilizing a BGA (Ball Grid Array).

Solder pads on the motherboard and on the processor are joined together using small balls of solder that are heated up and also melted to affix the pads.

With this in mind, processors need to be designed to withstand specific temperatures to permit the soldering process to be effective.

Graphics processing


There are two main means the graphics processor is implemented in a lapheight.

Incorporated Graphics: The graphics processor is integrated into the CPU. One semiconductor package performs both jobs.Dedicated Graphics: A separate graphics processor is soldered onto the motherboard, transporting better performance for graphics-intensive operations choose gaming.

With having a devoted graphics processor on the motherboard, it requirements extra advance to combine the extra semiconductor package on a tiny motherboard and to cool it.

This pushes costs up and that’s why you will pay more for a laptop via dedicated graphics.



RAM (random access memory) is among the exceptions once it comes to the price. Laptops generally use SODIMM RAM as opposed to the DIMM memory used in desktops.

Although SODIMM modules are smaller sized than desktop computer RAM, it doesn’t seem to influence the price negatively. This is probably as a result of the amount of demand for memory about the human being. Cloud storage and mobile phones are just two examples of this.

Cooling system


A laptop’s cooling system requirements to be designed in such a means that it continues to be compact and also maintains it’s efficiency for cooling. This is challenging and also is one of the a lot of essential components for system stcapability.

Not only is tbelow an additional price in creating an reliable warm sink and also fan assembly that is compact sufficient, however regularly they contain heat pipes that are sealed in a partial vacuum and also contain an inner wick and also some liquid.

This adds a layer of complexity to the warm sink and also the materials, hence enhancing the price to manufacture it.



Modern laptops have changed to making use of an M.2 SSD as a main drive. This is excellent, seeing an SSD doesn’t suffer from the shortcomings of mechanical drives and also delivers superior levels of performance.

We talk even more about SSD’s and also if they’re worth it if you are interested to recognize more.

Lapheight hard drives smaller and also more compact (2.5 Inch vs 3.5 Inch for desktops). They also have actually a reduced storage capacity, much less performance, and also are slightly more expensive than a desktop hard drive of the exact same size and also comparative specifications.


This is a component that isn’t present in a desktop computer. The closes point that might resemble one for a desktop machine, would certainly be a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply).

A UPS is basically a unit via a battery inside it that connects up individually from the mains power and keeps your computer system running long sufficient to save all your job-related and also shut it dvery own safely.

For a lappeak yet, the battery can do more that simply that. You can run the whole lappeak through extra peripherals plugged right into it for numerous hrs at a time without plugging it into the power charger.

This is something that adds an additional expense to manufacture a lapheight. Although it isn’t somepoint extremely pricey, it still contributes to the finish price.

A lappeak requirements to be designed in such a means to store the battery safe from physical damage to a particular degree and as cool as possible.

So an additional little bit of the laptop’s style is dedicated to do simply that for the battery. There are various other things to additionally consider when incorporating a battery right into a product like a reasonable amount of amp hours so the laptop have the right to run for a preferable size of time prior to being depleted.

Here are some added tips if you are interested in maintaining a laptop’s battery healthier for much longer in an short article I created around the topic.

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And tright here you have it, all of the significant individual components and also why they price more in a lapheight.

So the next time you are looking at laptop computers in your favorite keep, store in mind all of the extra advance and manufacturing costs once it pertains to carrying all that performance in a little package.