I'm on a brand shiny brand-new 2018 MBP (See attached) running a freshly clean installed copy of Mojave and also videos just don't play best... YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, QuickTime, etc. So upon a clean reboot of the mechanism all is great - for a while. Walk amethod from the machine and come ago a few hrs later on and also all videos play in fast forward. The video platdevelop doesn't seem to issue and the browser/video interchallenge does not seem to issue. iPhone, iPad, Windows play same videos fine so I understand it's something certain to this computer. I'm on a decked out MBP via AMD and Intel graphics.

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This began happening after I had actually all my apps loaded (Office, Adobe, Quickpublications, Xcode, Xqauartz, iTerm, etc.) and I thought perhaps something in tright here so I did another clean install; generic user account - no software application set up conserve for Firefox and Chrome - exact same problem.

Any ideas would be significantly appreciated!



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MacPublication Pro w/ Touch Bar (2018 or later)

Posted on Jan 21, 2019 10:00 AM

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Answer: A:
Answer: A:
videos play in quick forward.Any principles would be substantially appreciated!

Wow— what a good time saver ;)

I would attempt To trouble shoot better you can:

Try a SafeBoot https://assistance.lutz-heilmann.info.com/en-us/HT201262

Takes noticeable longer to acquire to the login screen, does a 5 minute disk repair before it fully boots up, and certain system caches, dynamic loader cache, etc. acquire cleared and also rebuilt. Sometimes this is all it takes to gain earlier to normal, and reboot.

if you proceed to log in—This test for 3rd party interference; extensions etc are not loaded in safe boot mode,

Test issue in another user (or guest user) account https://support.lutz-heilmann.info.com/en-us/HT204443

This will tell you if it a universal issue or isolated to your user/admin account. 

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Posted on Jan 23, 2019 12:36 PM

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Feb 10, 2019 2:24 PM in response to leroydouglas In response to leroydouglas

So yeah, sorry around my delay in this thread; it's been a rough month!

Problem still persists also after reestablishing SMC and safe boot. The trouble is refixed temporarily (ie. overnight) but come earlier the following day and also it's the same thing anywhere aacquire. And it's all videos whether it's QT videos from the regional SSD, YouTube, Netflux, Hulu or also FB/IG video clips.

As a test I restored a TM backup from my Mac Mini to this MBP but aacquire, the problem popped in after a day. I did yet one more fresh, clean instevery one of macOS Mojave on the machine and also did not install anything else nor did I allow my iCloud acount. I produced a generic account w/no iCloud or anypoint else. I did not join wifi yet rather used an ethernet cable and also switched to a wired key-board and mouse just in situation of the random off opportunity the tinfoil-wearing-hat aliens were messing via me and supplied a stock install of Safari.

Still no avail. After a day or so, videos play in rapid forward.

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And, this is the only machine exhibiting these problems. My son's 2018 MBP running Mojave is fine as are the various other 4 macs running High Sierra and also of course, the Linux boxes are good (sorry, not sorry, I don't have actually Windows). With all that, I've dismissed a network/defense trouble too. (Although I did temporarily disable content filters as a test).

A call to technology support succumbed the same advice as over, safeboot, smc, etc. and finished with a "attempt reinstalling" (which is extremely rare for lutz-heilmann.info to say). I called earlier the following day after the reinstall and also enter the groundhog; same manuscript as prior to, smc, safeboot, etc...