There"s most animal media on the internet.

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We"re below to yell at the negative stuff, define the confmaking use of bits, and also pull out the cutest, coolest, most unwell-known content - all while placing pet actions in its own appropriate conmessage.

Why Animals Do The Thing is a freelance scientific research education effort written of 2 partner websites: a tumblr blog that does informal education and learning and encourages community discourse and this website for hosting in-depth write-ups on animal-connected topics.


H.R. 1380 ( Big Cat Public Safety Act), is a proposed bill that really hopes to boost protections for captive huge cats within the United States by banning cub petting and also private (pet) ownership. However before, the influence of H.R. 1380 will have much bigger repercussions for all substantial cats in the USA than these characterizations would certainly imply.


General indevelopment about the captive substantial cat crisis in the United States appears not to have actually been updated in nearly two decades. Much of what is reported portrays the crisis as still being as dire as at the finish of the 1990s. Updating our knowledge of current captive massive cat populaces within the country is crucial to increating specific and reliable advocacy and also legislation.


There are fewer zoos than you would certainly expect in the United States: as of August 2017, there were just approximately 500 zoological infrastructure in the country.


A cshed examination of the information concerning captive tiger populations in the USA says it is very unmost likely pet tiger populations are as big as generally thought.


Any time a dangerous wild animal is maintained in a captive setting, there is an connected safety and security threat. Studying historical statistics and also trends regarded maintaining huge cats in human care can indevelop future threat administration decisions.

For a long time, researchers did agree that Granny (J-2) was probably approximately 100 years old. They estimated her birth year as being 1911, and also that’s still the generally welcomed date that’s provided on the majority of digital field ID’s. It’s only the many recent research that points towards J-2 being 80-90 years old.

The team of entities in the United States that host USA Department of Agriculture (USDA) pet exhibition licenses (Class C) are a very varied group of individuals and businesses; expertise the various types of entities affiliated is vital for anyone connected in the legislative or regulatory elements of animal exhibition.

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It"s sensibly common for human being looking at elephants to alert that they have actually liquid seeping from the corners of their eyes. Some advocacy groups say elephants are crying bereason they"re sad, yet scientists say that elephants do not have tear ducts. If the latter is true, wright here is that liquid coming from, and also why?

Rachel is an educator and pet scientific research writer.With prior expert experience in zookeeping, visitor education, sanctuary behavior monitoring, and also even more, she functions to translate pertinent field-certain expertise into thorough explanations around existing pet associated topics.