#8 – Ralph Saenz (aka Michael Starr)
Jasper van den Assem / YouTube

As Chris “Izzy” Cole makes his way via a luxurious mansion to obtain to the audition for Steel Dragon, he and also his girlfrifinish discover the vocal booth with an uneffective would certainly be singer currently in tright here. His appearance in this movie is extremely brief, however that wouldn’t be the end of this guy’s journey.

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Who you’re looking at here is Ralph Saenz (aka Michael Starr), the frontmale for Steel Panther, one of the many well-known rock & roll bands on the scene best now. Steel Panther may be a parody band also, but Ralph and his partners in crime have proven that they are some truly remarkable rockers. Check out this video listed below for some proof!

#7 – Myles Kennedy
FernandoGNR / YouTube

He’s just dubbed Thor in the movie, yet that really isn’t also much from the truth in actual life. Myles Kennedy from Boston is a veteran rock singer with years of endure playing via such bands as Alter Bridge, Slash, and also also at one suggest being slated to come to be the singer for Velvet Revolver.

He has certainly come a lengthy method from this function, and it’s obviously not wright here he got his start, but it did aid him secure a gig via Alter Bridge, which was the offshoot of Creed (among the biggest bands approximately at the time).

#6 – Stephan Jenkins
StopYourGroceryBill / YouTube

Disgruntled bandmate through little-brvarious other syndrome in the movie, rock singer/heartthrob external of it. Stephan Jenkins may not amount to a lot in this movie, but when he’s not informing people to get shed he’s fronting the wildly effective rock band Third Eye Blind, a band that has actually marketed countless documents everywhere the human being and also won numerous awards for their albums and prolific songcreating.

Sure, this Steel Dragon tribute band also never before ainstalled to a lot, yet Stephan is doing JUST fine!

#5 – Nick Catanese
helgabohemia20 / YouTube

Now this one was pretty damn difficult to spot, yet if you look hard sufficient and perform some research study you’ll discover that former Babsence Label Society guitarist Nick Catanese actually has a duty in ‘Rockstar’. Nick was a prolific rock guitarist frequently being the right hand also guy for legendary guitarist Zakk Wylde, who we’ll talk around in a little, and was pretty instrumental (no pun intended) in developing the soundtrack’s heavy sound for the film.

He’s now in jail.

#4 – Blas Eliashelgabohemia20 / YouTube

This male SLAUGHTERED it in this movie! Sorry, disastrous joke, however seriously, Blas Elias, drummer for Slaughter and Trans-Siberian Orchestra had a pretty significant function in this movie. He provide his surprisingly excellent acting talents AND his drumming talents. When he’s not crushing it on the substantial display, he’s doing good points on the drum kit and has constantly been regarded as among the the majority of prolific drummers in all of rock and also roll.

His unique and charismatic style have collection him apart from the remainder and even this day he still has that magic touch behind the drum collection. Needmuch less to say, he is underrated, however additionally extremely gifted.

#3 – Jeff Pilson
blackgruya011 / YouTube

Jeff Pilson remained in this movie bereason why the hell not!?! As the bhelp for such bands as Dokken, Dio, and also Foreigner among many type of various other bands, it only renders sense that he would certainly be recruited to play the bassist for a rock & roll fever-dream of a super group.

But in all seriousness, Jeff is just one of the most respected and revered musicians not simply in rock & roll, yet in every one of music. He is a thunderous bhelp and also if you ask me, tbelow would really be no other option to have play the baid in this film than Jeff Pilson.

#2 – Zakk WyldeFernandoGNR / YouTube

I could just go on and on around Zakk Wylde and also his achievements, however what even more have the right to you say? As the longest-running lead guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne and frontmale for Babsence Label Society, Zakk is among THE the majority of iconic and also influential metal guitarists of all time. He has actually a style and also charisma that are regularly imitated, yet never replicated.

He is one of the absolute finest, pure and also basic, and he’s DEFINITELY acquired a Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame induction in his future.

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#1 – Jason Bonham
JustinFH / YouTube

Rock royalty himself Jaboy Bonham, boy of Led Zeppelin’s late legendary drummer John Bonham, confirmed in this movie that not just were his drumming skills nopoint short of stellar, yet also that he is fairly a gifted actor having actually multiple compelling scenes. His thunderous drumming helped BIG time in occurring the soundtrack for the movie.

These days he is still a highly respected and prominent drummer even drumming for Led Zeppelin at their reunion show in 2007. He is simply as excellent as his Dad!