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Evaluating a patient who presents through cardiac symptoms is a facility and multi-step process. In enhancement to obtaining a thoturbulent history, a thorough cardiac examination is of paramount prestige. In the era where clinical innovations breakthrough swiftly, one might think that savvy medical diagnostics such as echocardiography or cardiac CT-scan can rearea a thostormy cardiac exam easily. But one should remember, a combination of a comprehensive history and thorough cardiac exam can diagnose practically 80% of cardiac disease. The decrease of physical exam skills in the new generation of medical professionals is a well-recorded phenomenon.<1> A great physical exam have the right to conserve lives by quick diagnosis and also treatment as many of the diagnostic studies take time to outcome. Here we comment on the 4 pillars of the cardiac exam, i.e., history taking and inspection, palpation, and also auscultation.

Issues of Concern

Cardiac Anatomy/Physiology:

To perform a successful physical exam, one must understand also the structural anatomy of the heart. The heart is a thoracic organ-confined in between the lungs, above the diaphragm. It"s separated right into four chambers, 2 atria and also two ventricles, respectively. The atria are separated by the interatrial septum, while the interventricular septum sepaprices the ventricles. 

The ideal atrium receives deoxygenated blood from exceptional and inferior vena cava. It then passes with the tricuspid valve into the ideal ventricle. From there, deoxygenated blood transverses the pulmonic valve into the pulmonary artery via which it goes to the lungs for gas exadjust. Oxygenated blood is then pushed through the pulmonary vein right into the left atrium, which then goes via the mitral valve right into the left ventricle. The high-pressure left-sided system then pumps the blood through the aortic valve right into the aorta and throughout the body. 

The pressure of the ejected blood against the arterial wall generates blood push along with peripheral vascular resistance. Systolic blood push is the pressure as soon as the heart is beating and also is the maximum push in the arteries. Diastolic blood press is the press once the heart is relaxing, is the minimum press in the arteries, and counts on peripheral vascular resistance.

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<2> Blood press likewise counts on stroke volume, blood velocity, compliance of the arteries, and also blood viscosity.

Heart sounds are commonly illustrated as a “lub and a dub” sound. “Lub” being the first heart sound (S1), marks the beginning of systole and is produced by the disturbance caused by the closing of the mitral and also tricuspid valves. “Dub” is the second heart sound (S2), marks the end of systole and also the beginning of diastole and is generated by the clocertain of aortic and also pulmonic valves. 

The place of heart valves loved one to the chest wall will dictate the optimal position for auscultation. The valves are finest auscultated as follows<3>: