Capital appreciation refers to-the boosted worth of an ascollection.the capability to make a profit from owning stock.the circulation of earnings to shareholders.the profitable sale of shares.

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Which factors can impact a stock"s price? Check all that performancethe company"s financial healththe quantity commodities producedarea of the companythe economy
Which is true around investments and risk?Low-threat investments have a high return over the long run.High-danger investments normally fail.Safe investments are constantly rather profitable.Eexceptionally investment carries some degree of threat.
What is one way in which bonds execute not generate earnings for investors?Bonds appreciate in value.Bonds pay interemainder.Bonds pay a specified amount at maturity.Bonds pay dividends.
Which statement best defines how an investor provides money off debt?An investor makes money by issuing bonds.An investor makes money by earning interest.An investor provides money by increasing capital.An investor provides money by being repassist for the principal.
Which are prevalent forms of bonds that are presently issued? Check all that apply.corporate bondsequity bondsmunicipal bondsTreasury billsTreasury notesbattle bonds
If a agency pays dividends on a stock, does that mean that the stock has actually appreciated in value? Why or why not?Yes, the payment of dividends indicates that a stock"s worth has actually raised.No, the payment of dividends suggests that a agency has earned profits.Yes, the payment of dividends suggests that a company"s assets have actually grown.No, the payment of dividends shows that a firm deserve to repay investors.
Which best explains how an investor provides money from an equity investment?by earning interestby offering the asset for a profitby increasing capitalby growing the asset
Which are the the majority of likely supplies of capital invested in a business? Check all that apply.paying taxeshiring workersrepaying investorsdeveloping goodsdistributing goodsbuying materials
Which finest defines the function that government and also company play in investments?They both use taxes to support a country"s expansion.They both invest money to earn a profit.They both obtain capital to usage for growth.They both act as angel investors for start-ups.
Which forms of investments are securities?both debt and equitydebt onlyequity onlyneither debt nor equity
Which finest describes what a industry index does?An index measures market performance.An index actions financial patterns.An index measures development.An index procedures the performance of a single stock.
Which ideal describes an investor"s main goal?to prosper a businessto earn a profitto bolster the economyto provide funding to a business
Due to the fact that stocks have the right to be traded online, which function is ideal offered by markets?Markets control transactions.Markets are wbelow the trades actually occur.Markets market the assets to be traded.Markets ensure that the transactions are secure.

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Which ideal explains what generally occurs in financial markets?Debt and also loans are traded.Assets are traded.Commodities are traded.Shares are traded.Assets are traded.