1 : something that reasons something else to occur, build, or end up being even more energetic The pay raise was a stimulus for manufacturing. an economic stimulus setup

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2 : something that causes a change or a reaction Heat and light are physical stimuli. The dog responded to the stimulus of the ringing bell.
c : an agent (such as an environmental change) that straight influences the task of a living organism or among its components (as by exciting a sensory organ or evoking muscular contraction or glandular secretion)

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The pay raise was a stimulus for production. Heat and light are physical stimuli. The dog responded to the stimulus of the ringing bell.

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Recent Instances on the Net This year, the economic situation is doing better and Americans received only one stimulus check of approximately $1,400 each. — Tami Luhby, CNN, 19 Aug. 2021 Everyone gets another stimulus check for $2500 on July 30, 2021. — Miriam Fauzia, USA TODAY, 17 July 2021 According to the White Housage, families who filed tax retransforms for 2019 or 2020 or signed up for a stimulus examine from the IRS will certainly get the tax relief automatically via no better activity required. — Donna M. Owens, Essence, 13 July 2021 First, the approval of the $1.9 trillion stimulus check plan. — Trefis Team, Forbes, 6 July 2021 Opening a brand-new account utilizing a federal stimulus examine or a payment from joblessness insurance. — Carson Kessler, ProPublica, 6 July 2021 Consumers, no doubt, discovered themselves on a firmer financial footing after three rounds of stimulus checks — and also currently many type of families are seeing thousands of dollars in monthly advance payments from July via December for the son taxation crmodify. — Susan Tompor, Detroit Free Press, 31 July 2021 But, hey, that’s what those stimulus checks were for, right? — Carroll County Times, baltimoresun.com/maryland/carroll, 30 July 2021 Incomes had been shored up by stimulus checks earlier in the spring. — Anneken Tappe, CNN, 30 July 2021

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