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Uranus, seventh world in distance from the Sun and also the least substantial of the solar system’s four giant, or Jovian, planets, which likewise incorporate Jupiter, Sarotate, and Neptune. At its brightest, Uranus is just visible to the unaided eye as a blue-green suggest of light. It is designated by the symbol ♅.


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Planetary information for Uranus
*Time required for the earth to return to the very same position in the skies loved one to the Sun as watched from Earth.
**Calculated for the altitude at which 1 bar of atmospheric pressure is exerted.
suppose distance from Sun 2,870,658,000 km (19.2 AU)
eccentricity of orbit 0.0472
inclination of orbit to ecliptic 0.77°
Uranian year (sidegenuine period of revolution) 84.02 Earth years
visual magnitude at mean opplace 5.5
mean synodic period* 369.66 Planet days
expect orbital velocity 6.80 km/sec
equatorial radius** 25,559 kilometres
polar radius** 24,973 km
mass 8.681 × 1025 kg
suppose thickness 1.27 g/cm3
gravity** 887 cm/sec2
escape velocity** 21.3 km/sec
rotation duration (magnetic field) 17 hr 14 min (retrograde)
inclination of equator to orlittle bit 97.8°
magnetic area strength at equator 0.23 gauss
tilt angle of magnetic axis 58.6°
offset of magnetic axis 0.31 of Uranus"s radius
variety of recognized moons 27
planetary ring device 13 recognized rings


Image of Uranus caught by the Hubble Gap Telescope, 1998. Visible are four of its significant rings and also 10 of its satellites.

Most of the planets revolve on an axis that is more or less perpendicular to the aircraft of their respective orbits about the Sun. But Uranus’s axis lies practically parallel to its orbital aircraft, which implies that the world spins almost on its side, its poles taking transforms pointing towards the Sun as the earth travels in its orlittle. In enhancement, the axis of the planet’s magnetic field is significantly tipped relative to the rotation axis and offset from the planet’s centre. Uranus has actually more than 2 dozen moons (herbal satellites), five of which are relatively big, and a mechanism of narrowhead rings.

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Uranus has been visited by a spacecraft just once—by the UNITED STATE Voyager 2 probe in 1986. Before then, astronomers had actually well-known little bit about the world, since its distance from Earth makes the examine of its visible surface difficult even via the most powerful telescopes easily accessible. Earth-based attempts to measure a building as basic as the planetary rotation duration had produced widely differing worths, varying from 24 to 13 hours, until Voyager 2 finally establimelted a 17.24-hour rotation duration for the Uranian inner. Due to the fact that Voyager’s enrespond to, advances in Earth-based observational technology have added to expertise of the Uranian system.