: ready to take location : happening shortly … systems engineers have actually come to be quite blasé around the imminent liftoff.— Stalso L. Thompkid —frequently used of somepoint poor or dangerous viewed as menacingly near imminent disasterLike publications, board games appear headed for unavoidable death at the hands of cathode-ray terminals.— Will Manley

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On Imminent and Eminent

Imminent bears a close resemblance to eminent, and aboriginal English-speakers can be excprovided if they sometimes have to inspect their spelling. No surpclimb, really, given that the two, despite their incredibly distinct definitions, come from near-identical sources. The Latin minēre suggests basically “to task, overhang,” and it creates the root of other Latin words. One included the preresolve e-, definition “out from,” to produce eminēre, “to stand out”; another took the presolve im-, interpretation “upon,” and became imminēre, “to project.” The difference in between “stand out” and “project” is obviously small. Still, also once eminent and imminent initially appeared as English words in the 15th and 16th centuries respectively, they were clearly distinct in meaning, imminent’s presettle having strengthened the “overhang” feeling of minēre to offer the word its frequent idea of looming hazard.

The FBI, the Department of Homeland also Security, and also the neighborhood authorities were momentarily stunned, and began frantically trying to prepare for what they feared were further unavoidable strikes. — Rictough A. Clarke, Atlantic, January/February 2005 The compression squashes the bullet slightly, enabling around a half-dozen spiral grooves reduced along the barrel"s inner wall to grab the bullet and make it spin. That spin stabilizes the bullet"s unavoidable flight. — Peter Weiss, Science News, 11 Jan. 2003 Plaints around the brewing death of the language are made in eexceptionally century. But tright here is generally nothing naturally wrong via many changes the purists deplore. — Steven Pinker, New York Times, 24 Dec. 1999 We are awaiting their imminent arrival. These patients are facing imminent fatality.
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Recent Instances on the Net Before the blasts, UNITED STATE officials had warned those in Kabul of a particular and also impending risk by the extremist group ISIS-K – Islamic State Khorasan – bitter rivals of the Taliban. — Susan Page, USA TODAY, 26 Aug. 2021 On Monday, the vaccine emerged by Pfizer and BioNtech won formal approval from the Food and Drug Administration; equivalent approval for the equivalent vaccine made by Moderna is presumably imminent. — Michael Hiltzik, Los Angeles Times, 24 Aug. 2021 With the unavoidable begin to the school year, Boston’s following mayor will have to be functional, sassist Kathryn Saunders, executive director of the Roxbury Y. — BostonGlobe.com, 24 Aug. 2021 Even worse, this decision was made as the spring fighting seachild started, all however guaranteeing a Taliban offensive emboldened by the knowledge of an brewing U.S. withdrawal and also a collapse of morale by our Afghan allies in uniform and in government. — Dan Crenshaw, WSJ, 17 Aug. 2021 Lorde’s 3rd single from her unavoidable brand-new album, Solar Power, arrived in the daylight this day, together with a music video and also a pre-premiere livestream. — Zoe Haylock, Vulture, 17 Aug. 2021 The military has actually accelerated its plans to vaccinate the pressure via the expectation of either unavoidable FDA approval or a research for a waiver from the defense secretary. — Oren Liebermann, CNN, 15 Aug. 2021 Flooding ended up being so constant that the city establimelted a whistle to blow, notifying the residents that the waters upriver were climbing, and also to prepare for an brewing flood, Anderboy said. — Laura Schulte, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 14 Aug. 2021 As Kim played hostess, Whiteside ready for his unavoidable performance in a earlier room. — Ian Malone, Vogue, 13 Aug. 2021

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History and also Etymology for imminent

Latin imminent-, imminens, present participle of imminēre to task, threaten, from in- + -minēre (akin to Latin mont-, mons mountain) — even more at mount