An analogy compares 2 points that are mainly various from each other but have some traits in widespread. By mirroring a connection between 2 different things, writers help to explain something important about one thing by making use of a 2nd thing you currently know around. Check out these analogy in between words and literary concepts.

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instance of analogy cow mammal snake reptile

Simple Word Analogies

Word analogies, or verbal analogies, are favor logic puzzles. These compare 2 various points by breaking them into components to watch exactly how they are connected. A word analogy looks favor this:

kitten is to cat as puppy is to ____

Sometimes analogies usage colons (:) to stand for words, so that as soon as you review it aloud, the analogy looks like:

Kitten : cat :: puppy : _____.

Typically, the last word in the analogy is empty. You should number out what the relationship is. In this situation, the relationship between a kitten and also a cat is a young and also adult pet, so you deserve to finish the analogy prefer this:

kitten is to cat as puppy is to dog

Analogies can present many different types of word relationships. The vital is deciding what the relationship in between the initially collection of words is, and also equivalent it in the second collection.

Synonym Relationships

Synonym relationships are words that intend the same point. If the first two words in the analogy are synonyms, then the second set of words need to be synonyms also. Take a look at these analogies with synonym relationships:

friendly is to kind as suppose is to aggressiveunstable is to scratchy as smooth is to silkydelicious is to yummy as gross is to yuckyadorable is to cute as scary is to creepy

Antonym Relationships

Analogies that show antonyms are opposites. The initially two words in the analogy (for example, hot : cold) need to have the exact same oppowebsite relationship as the second words in the analogy (for example, happy : sad). of analogies with antonym relationships include:

excellent is to negative as black is to whitesmile is to frvery own as pretty is to uglyclose to is to much as open is to closedsolid is to weak as love is to hate

Part to Whole

The analogy relationships get trickier when you gain previous synonyms and also antonyms, wbelow word order does not issue. Word order matters in a component to whole partnership, in which the initially word is a part of something, and the second word is the entirety point. For example:

feather is to bird as hair is to dogwolf is to pack as fish is to school

Be mindful about word order! The partnership can be totality to part rather, which indicates that the totality word comes initially and the part word comes second.

hand is to finger as foot is to toeclass is to student as forest is to tree

Device to Action

Sometimes an analogy partnership lists a tool to the action it perdevelops. In these cases, the order will certainly go noun, verb, noun, verb. of tool and activity relationships include:

pencil is to compose as scissors is to cutkitchen is to cook as bedroom is to sleep

Notice that changing the word order to activity to tool renders it verb, noun, verb, noun.

hit is to baseround bat as catch is to baseball gloveprint is to printer as copy is to copier

Person to Action

Similar to tool and also activity relationships are person to action relationships. These analogies include a person quite than an item who percreates the activity. For example:

artist is to attract as movie star is to actteacher is to instruct as accountant is to count

If you switch the partnership to activity to person, you gain a different analogy.

hunt is to hunter as dive is to scuba diverbake is to baker as clean is to cleaner

Category to Example

Group to example is similar to whole to component. It lists a category of items first and also then an instance of that category second. of category to instance analogies include:

cow is to mammal as snake is to reptileapple is to fruit as carrot is to vegetable

Watch out for that word order! Example to category relationships bring about different types of analogies.

Peru is to nation as South America is to continentPacific is to ocean as Coloraexecute is to river

Cause to Effect

Causage to effect relationships can be nouns or verbs. However before, they have to be the exact same relationship on both sides of the analogy. For example:

eat is to fed as sleep is to restedstudy is to pass as do not research is to fail

Aobtain, try reversing these relationships to see how result and cause analogies deserve to be tricky.

flood is to rain as drought is to heatwealthy is to invest as broke is to overspend

Intensity Relationships

Relationships of intensity are another kind of analogy wright here word order matters. They involve one word of a lower intensity than the second word, such as:

gray is to babsence as pink is to redgiggle is to laugh as sniffle is to sob

Intensity relationships deserve to likewise decrease in intensity.

furious is to annoyed as overjoyed is to pleasedcold is to cool as hot is to warm

Noun to Adjective

You may also check out analogies that function nouns and also words that describe them. These noun to adjective relationships include:

oven is to hot as refrigerator is to coldpillow is to soft as rock is to hard

At first glance, you might think these relationships are antonyms. But a closer look at each word pair mirrors their descriptive partnership, also once you reverse them to adjective to noun:

blue is to sky as green is to grasswet is to water as dry is to sand also

Making a Literary Analogy

You"ll often find analogies in literature once the author is comparing two seemingly unlike points. Other literary devices, consisting of metaphors and also similes, do the same thing — however they perform it a small in a different way.

The primary difference between analogies, metaphors and similes is that metaphors and also similes are numbers of speech, while literary analogies are a much more facility form of discussion. Analogies regularly use similes and metaphors, yet their goal is to draw comparisons in between 2 different cases.

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Creating Connections

While word analogies aren"t frequently supplied in composing, the skill of making great comparisons and also relationships will certainly help you much better organize and also define your thoughts. You can discover it advantageous to explain an concept by explaining what it reminds you of. For more indevelopment on this topic, take a look at analogy Or if you"d favor to watch literary analogies in action, check out 13 analogy in literary works.