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The monitoring approach through which supervisors concentrate on results that are external the accepted parameters is called monitoring by _____.a) Budgetb) Standardc) Exceptiond) Variance
Which of the following will certainly bring about an adverse direct products performance variance?a) The actual quantity of straight materials used per unit exceeds the standard amount of direct products enabled per unitb) The actual cost per unit of direct products exceeds the conventional cost of straight materialsc) The actual price per unit of straight materials is much less than the conventional cost per unit of direct materialsd) The actual quantity of straight products provided per unit is less than the conventional quantity of straight materials allowed per unit
a) The actual quantity of direct products used per unit exceeds the traditional amount of straight products permitted per unit
The flexible budobtain variance is the difference in between the _____.a) Expected results in the flexible budget for the systems meant to be offered and the static budgetb) Flexible budget and also actual quantities because of distinctions in volumesc) Actual results and the meant outcomes in the flexible budget for the actual systems soldd) Flexible budgain and static budgain due to distinction in solved costs
Which of the adhering to amounts of a versatile budget remains continuous, within the stated appropriate array, once the sales volume changes?a) Total addressed costsb) Total sales revenuec). Total variable costsd) Total contribution margin
Which of the adhering to will cause a negative direct labor price variance?a) Actual direct labor hours are less than traditional straight labor hoursb) The actual straight labor price per hour is much less than the typical straight labor cost per hourc) The actual straight labor cost per hour exceeds the typical straight labor expense per hourd) Actual direct labor hours exceed typical straight labor hours
A company"s production department was experiencing a high defect price on the assembly line, which was slowing dvery own manufacturing and resulting in a greater waste of handy direct materials. The manufacturing manager made a decision to recruit some very professional manufacturing workers from one more agency to carry down the defect price. This would certainly create a(n) _____.a) Unfavorable direct products price varianceb) Unfavorable direct products performance variancec) Favorable straight labor performance varianced) Favorable direct labor expense variance
What does a favorable direct products expense variance indicate?a) The actual expense of direct products purchased was much less than the typical cost of straight materials purchasedb) The actual expense of straight products purchased was better than the typical expense of direct products purchasedc) The actual quantity of straight products provided was less than the typical quantityd) The actual amount of direct materials supplied was higher than the traditional quantity
a) The actual expense of direct products purchased was much less than the typical price of direct materials purchased
Which of the complying with finest describes a standard?a) Costs incurred to create a productb) Cost variancec) A sales price, expense, or quantity that is meant under normal conditionsd) Actual sales price, expense, or quantity
Which of the complying with is a factor service providers use traditional costs?a) To enhance customer loyaltyb) To recognize performance standardsc) To share finest techniques via various other companiesd) To ensure the accuracy of the financial records
10. A favorable versatile budobtain variance in sales revenue suggest a(n) _____.a) Increase in volumeb) Decrease in solved costsc) Increase in sales price per unitd) Decrease in variable cost per unit
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