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Que.Which of the adhering to statements about ERP device is true?a.Many ERP software implementations completely achieve seammuch less integration.b.ERP software application packeras are themselves combinations of seperate applications for production, materials, reresource planning, general ledger, huguy sources, procurement and order entry.c.Integration of ERP units deserve to be achieved in only one method.d.An ERP package implemented uniformly throughout an enterpincrease is most likely to contain incredibly functional relationships to enable charges and also software program variations.Answer:ERP software packeras are themselves combicountries of seperate applications for manufacturing, products, resource planning, general ledger, human sources, procurement and order entry.

Match the following:List-I List-IIa. Correctness i. The level to which a software application tolerates the unsupposed problemsb. Accuracy ii. The degree to which a software program meets its specificationsc. Robustness iii. The level to which a software application has actually specified functionsd. feof() iv. Meeting specifications through precisionCodes:a b c d
Module design is offered to maximize cohesion and also minimize coupling. Which of the adhering to is the crucial to implement this rule?
Software safety and security is a ................... activity that focuses on the identification and assessment of potential risks that might influence software application negatively and also reason a whole system to fail.
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