1) Which of the following statements is true about cloud computing?A) The elastic leasing of pooled computer system resources over the Net is dubbed the cloud.B) A cloud is a peer-to-peer network used to share information between users.C) Cloud-based hosting does not operate over the Web.D) Any netoccupational of servers held in-home by an organization for its very own needs is related to as a cloud.

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2) Which of the adhering to is a reason for the term elastic being used to specify the cloud?A) Computing resources deserve to be boosted or diminished dynamically in cloud-based hosting.B) Operations staff manually allots fresh sources once the traffic rises.C) Customers are offered a consistent bandwidth on the cloud.D) Reresources available for cloud-hosting are shared among customers.
3) An company that hires cloud services ________.A) can accommodate rise in web traffic from just one cityB) is continually provided through the maximum possible bandwidthC) have the right to limit the response time of its web pagesD) hires a fixed variety of servers
4) Which of the following is true of Internet services?A) They are SOA-designed programs that comply with Internet business criteria.B) They are programs that comply via IEEE 802.3 protocol conventional and also cannot be offered for cloud handling.C) They are programs that comply through Net business standards and can just run as an independent regime.D) They have the right to be offered just through various other programs from the exact same vendor.
5) Which of the complying with statements is true around cloud services?A) Cloud company merchants tend to protect against virtualization.B) In-home hosting is mainly preferable to cloud hosting.C) Cloud solutions always permit customers to keep physical control over its data.D) Financial institutions are not likely to hire cloud solutions from a vendor.
6) Which of the complying with statements is true of cloud-based and also in-residence hosting?A) In-home hosting makes scaling approximately meet the requirements of boosted traffic easier.B) Cloud-based hosting requires the threat of investing in innovation that may shortly come to be obsolete.C) In-home hosting leads to loss of physical regulate of data.D) Cloud-based hosting reduces the visibility of the defense being offered to safeguard information.
7) Which of the complying with statements is true about the increase in popularity of cloud hosting?A) Data communication is more expensive now than earlier.B) Virtualization allows instantaneous production of brand-new online equipments.C) Internet-based standards have led to loss of adaptability in handling capabilities.D) The modern technology common in the 1960s was even more favorable for the building of massive information centers.
8) Phobas Inc. supplies an online organization which stores notes made by customers on the cloud. When a customer enters notes on one gadget, it gets updated in all the devices he/she owns. Which of the complying with cloud-based offerings is being gave to the customers?A) online personal cloudB) platdevelop as a service (PaaS)C) software program as a company (SaaS)D) facilities as a organization (IaaS)
9) An online service permits customers to combine their phonebook via their social media profiles and stores it on the cloud. The phonebook is updated via photos of contacts when they are uploaded on social media sites. Which of the following cloud-based offerings is being offered to the users?A) netjob-related as a organization (NaaS)B) platform as a business (PaaS)C) framework as a business (IaaS)D) software application as a company (SaaS)
10) The cloud-based service that gives the hardware and allows customers to load an operating mechanism of their option is well-known as ________.A) application virtualizationB) platcreate as a service (PaaS)C) framework as a company (IaaS)D) network features virtualization (NFV)
11) A ________ is a system of hardware and also software that stores user information in many type of different geographical areas and also renders that information available on demand also.A) online exclusive networkB) content distribution networkC) mobile online networkD) local area network
12) Which of the adhering to is a disbenefit of a content distribution network?A) It rises the pack time of internet peras for users.B) Its vulnerability to denial-of-business (DOS) assaults is high.C) Its relicapability is diminished as information is stored on many type of servers.D) It is better suited to save and provide content that rarely alters.
13) Which of the adhering to statements is true of content distribution netfunctions (CDNs)?A) They minimize users" access expenses by transporting information faster.B) They distribute information on different servers without any information replication.C) Users obtain content from the CDN server that is geographically closest.D) A routing server decides which server should supply content on an hourly basis.
14) An inner information mechanism built making use of Internet services ________.A) is referred to as a virtual private networkB) is a cloud-based modern technology if it uses elasticityC) is a subcollection of a online private cloudD) is an instance of platdevelop as a organization (PaaS)
15) Which of the adhering to is a reason why an inner indevelopment device (private internet) that offers Net solutions is not considered a cloud?A) The variety of servers is resolved in a private internet and also is not made elastic.B) Idle servers in a personal internet are dynamically re-alsituated.C) It is generally not available outside the company.D) An organization maintains a exclusive internet utilizing its own sources.
16) Which of the adhering to solutions offers hardware, an operating mechanism, and a database monitoring mechanism (DBMS) on a cloud-based offering?A) network as a organization (NaaS)B) framework as a business (IaaS)C) software program as a company (SaaS)D) platcreate as a service (PaaS)
17) Sireus Corp. is availing a cloud-based service. It plans to install a software program package that will market cloud services to its customers. If it would choose to prevent installing an operating device on the server, which of the following services have to it choose?A) network-related as a organization (NaaS)B) framework as a organization (IaaS)C) platcreate as a service (PaaS)D) software as a organization (SaaS)
18) If an company opts for software as a company (SaaS), it will certainly need to ________.A) install an operating device on the serverB) purchase licenses for software program replicationC) move information and develop proceduresD) install a DBMS
19) Which of the following statements is true of private clouds?A) Private clouds are simple to build and also operate.B) Several organizations pool their resources to form a private cloud.C) Private clouds carry out accessibility from outside an company without connecting to a VPN (virtual private network).D) Idle servers in a personal cloud cannot re-alsituated to other establishments.
20) Which of the complying with is a characteristic of a personal cloud?A) Organizations specify their very own set of standards for interactions in between programs.B) Idle servers on a private cloud deserve to be alsituated to various other institutions.C) A personal cloud is a lot of most likely to be developed by a tiny organization.D) Most establishments avoid having actually multiple database servers in a personal cloud.
21) Which of the complying with statements is true of a online personal cloud (VPC)?A) A VCOMPUTER does not make use of a VPN (online private network).B) An organization mostly stores its many sensitive information on a VPC.C) A VCOMPUTER have the right to be accessed only from within an organization. D) A VPC deserve to be constructed on public cloud facilities.
22) Which of the following is a distinction between a online private netjob-related (VPN) and also a digital exclusive cloud (VPC)?A) Unchoose a VPN, a VPC offers encrypted connections in between the individuals and the server.B) A VPN deserve to be accessed over the Net, however a VPC cannot be accessed over the Internet.C) Unlike a VCOMPUTER, a VPN connects users to an organization"s internal IS.D) A VPC provides the benefits of cloud storage, yet a VPN by itself cannot carry out these advantages.
23) Which of the following is an advantage of using a private cloud over a virtual exclusive cloud (VPC)?A) Unprefer a VPC, the framework required for a private cloud deserve to be built and operated easily.B) A VCOMPUTER gains substantially by using an elastic pack balancer, whereas a private cloud does not usage an elastic fill balancer.C) A VCOMPUTER cannot be accessed from exterior the company, but a personal cloud have the right to be accessed from outside the company.D) Unlike a VCOMPUTER, a personal cloud does not call for permission from regulating bodies to host sensitive information.
24) What is a VPN (digital personal network)?A) It is a markup language that fixes numerous HTML deficiencies and also is generally offered for program-to-routine interaction over the Net.B) It is an add-on to browsers that was occurred by Adobe and is useful for offering computer animation, movies, and also other progressed graphics inside a web browser.C) It is the the majority of prevalent language for defining the structure and also layout of internet pages.D) It uses the Net to develop secure point-to-suggest connections.
25) Which of the adhering to is true of a VPN (digital exclusive network)?A) A VPN interaction is secure also though it is transmitted over the public Web.B) One disadvantage of a VPN is that it does not encrypt messeras.C) Remote access is hard in situation of a VPN.D) It is a physical, private pathmethod over a public or common netoccupational from the client to the server.
26) Which of the following is a characteristic of a virtual exclusive netjob-related (VPN)?A) It creates a physical connection in between the client and also the server, called tunnel.B) It sends out encrypted messages over the public Net.C) A VPN have the right to be accessed from only one geographical place.D) VPNs cannot be accessed over the Web.

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27) Which of the complying with is most likely to be a consequence of cloud computing in the future?A) Organizations will certainly like to setup their own computing facilities.B) The cost of obtaining elastic sources will certainly decrease.C) Jobs related to server operations at small institutions will increase.D) The variety of technology-based startups will certainly stagnate.
28) A device provides camperiods and motion-sensing tools to problem tickets for web traffic violations. This device is an instance of ________.A) videotelephonyB) telesurgeryC) telelaw enforcementD) GENERAL PRACTITIONERS augmentation
29) Using https rather of http ________.A) shows the various other individuals on that network-related that are accessing the same siteB) enables a packet sniffer to check out just the site went to and nothing furtherC) connects a user to the version of the site held on a private cloudD) detects the presence of packet sniffers in the vicinity