Use the Manual Subledger Journal Entries API to create, upday, delete, complete, and reverse subledger journal entries.

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A hand-operated subledger journal entry is not connected via a subledger transactivity. When the hand-operated subledger journal entry is finish, Subledger Accounting assigns the correct sequence names, sequence numbers, and also creates the reporting money journal entries if correct.

Go into hand-operated subledger journal entries just versus a major or second ledger. Manual journal entries produced for the major ledgers are immediately posted to the reporting currency and also not to the additional ledger.


Creating Manual Subledger Journal Entries

Use the Subledger Journal Entries - Search page to search for all types of subledger journal entries, not simply manual entries. In the search outcomes region:

Drill down to see subledger journal entry details

View, assign, and unasauthorize supporting references

Update, duplicate, finish, and also reverse hands-on journal entries


To Create Subledger Journal Entries

In the Subledger Journal Entries page, click Create Journal Entry.

Schosen Fields in the Create Journal Entry PageFieldDescription
LedgerThe primary and also secondary ledgers shown in the ledger list of worths are identified by the system profile alternative SLA: Enable Data Access Security in Subledgers. If this profile option is set to Yes, the list of worths display screens only the main and second ledgers identified in the GL: Data Access Set and the SLA: Additional Documents Access Set profile alternatives. If the profile choice is collection to No, the list of values display screens all main and also additional ledgers.See:

GL Profile Options, General Ledger User Guide

If Encumbrance is schosen in the Balance Type area, the list of worths just displays ledgers that are permitted for budgetary manage.
CategoryJournal category
GL DateGL date for posting the subledger journal entry.
Reference DateReference date to be stored at the subledger journal enattempt header level. Used in reporting sequence for Actual journal entries.
Asauthorize Supporting ReferencesOpens the Asauthorize Supporting References - Lines page wright here you can asauthorize and also unassign supporting references.
To Assign Supporting References at the Header or Line Level

Use the Assign Supporting References page to check out or modify present supporting reference values and also to asauthorize new sustaining references to the journal enattempt or line. This page is obtainable in view-just mode if you navigate from a last journal enattempt and the web page title will be shown as View Supporting References.

To asauthorize sustaining recommendations to the journal enattempt in the Header area of the Create Subledger Journal Enattempt page:

Click Assign Supporting References.

Click Add 5 Lines.

Select the sustaining referral in the Name field and also enter details as required.

Click Apply to conserve the changes.

Note: Supporting recommendations through line level resource assignments on the details may not be assigned on the journal entry header.

To asauthorize supporting referrals to the lines of a journal enattempt in the Lines region of the Create Subledger Journal Enattempt page:

Click the Asauthorize Supporting References symbol on the proper line

Click Add 5 Lines.

Select the sustaining recommendation in the Name field and also enter details as forced.

Click Apply to conserve the changes.

Note: Supporting recommendations preserving balances have the right to just be assigned on journal enattempt lines.

To Create Subledger Journal Lines

In the Lines area of the Create Subledger Journal Entry page:

Enter account, debit and also credit quantities, and audit class.

View the full accounted quantities of all subledger journal enattempt lines in the ledger currency.

Selected Fields and also Butloads in the Create Subledger Journal Enattempt Page, Lines RegionField and ButtonDescription
Default Currency OptionsOpens the Default Currency Options web page to default an gone into money, conversion form, conversion date, and convariation price indevelopment for each brand-new subledger journal entry line. Use the money controls accessible in the Details region of each journal enattempt line to override the default set.
Third Party TypeDefaults from the application connected via the duty used to access the hand-operated subledger journal enattempt pages. The values for name, site, number, and also taxpayer ID have to match the 3rd party form. These worths are required if the account on the line is a 3rd party manage account. If the account is not a third party regulate account, however party type is schosen, party indevelopment must be provided.
Conversion RateIf the convariation form is User, you should enter a conversion price.
Calculate TotalsUpdays the display in the Accounted Amounts region
ContinueSelect to review the manual subledger journal enattempt and complete it.

Enhanced Third Party Control Account Validations

The Third Party Control Account attribute in the E-Business Suite enables institutions to preserve comprehensive balances by 3rd party for an account code combicountry. Subledger Accounting checks that valid third party indevelopment is connected with the journal line if the account code combicountry is a Third Party Control Account. If it is not, then Subledger Accounting rejects the journal line. General Ledger avoids hand-operated journal entries from posting to the third party manage accounts. This ensures that journal lines that write-up to the regulate account codes such as Supplier Liability Account, Customer Receivables Account, are linked through the valid 3rd party indevelopment in the corresponding subledger modules.

Restricting Natural Account Values in the General Ledger Manual Journal Entries

You can occasionally define an account code as a third party regulate account to proccasion the GL manual journal entries from posting to these accounts. When such accounts are offered in the subledger transactivity without the 3rd party information, Subledger Accounting prevents the accounting for such transactivity via an error that the 3rd party information is missing.

For instance, as soon as the unfigured out receipts account code in the Receivables is identified as a third party manage account, accountancy for the unidentified receipts fails because no 3rd party indevelopment is easily accessible for such receipts. Comparable issues are observed via the rounding account and also interfirm accounts.

The complying with solution helps get rid of these problems. A brand-new third party control account validation is gave that allows bookkeeping to complete properly without the 3rd party information in the subledgers yet to restrict that account code while entering in the GL manual journal entries.

A new worth, Restrict Manual Journals, is included to the List of values of the Third Party Control Account segment qualifier.

You can assign Restrict Manual Journals value in the list of worths of the Third Party Control Account segment qualifier to organic account segment worths and also proccasion the GL hand-operated journal entries from posting to these account code combinations containing the respective natural account segment worths.

When you define the Unidentified Receipt account code as third party regulate account to prevent the GL manual journal entries from making use of this account code, you specify the Unidentified Receipt account code as Restrict Manual Journals 3rd party regulate account. When you usage this account code for the unestablished receipt in the Receivables, Subledger Accounting creates the accounting effectively for this unidentified receipt without the party indevelopment. Hence, you cannot enter hand-operated journal entries making use of this account code in General Ledger.

After you set up an account code as Restrict Manual Journals third party manage account, you should run the concurrent regimen, Program - Inherit Segment Value Attributes to reflect the Third Party Control Account qualifier alters in the account code combinations.

After this, you cannot pick this account code while creating a hands-on journal entry in General Ledger. Though, you deserve to select these account codes without the third party information in the corresponding subledgers as the application treats this 3rd party control account for the function of restricting the usage in General Ledger manual journal entries only.

In General Ledger the validation percreated on entering manual journals in journal entry home window has been modified to restrict users from using the third party control accounts characterized as Restrict Manual Journals.

Subledger Accounting is modified to treat the 3rd party control accounts characterized as Restrict Manual Journals the very same method as the third party manage accounts identified as No.

If an account or a control account is updated as Restrict Manual Journals or No from either the Supplier, Customer, or Both, then the balances for the Third Party Balances Report is not preserved for such account code through the prospective effect. The balances before the alteration will certainly just be presented in the report output and therefore the balance in the report output might not complement with the General Ledger balance for such account or control code.

Supporting Control Balance Initialization

You can upfill initial balance value for the prior duration activities and also synchronize them. The initial balance of a Third Party Control Account is characterized in context of ledger and is the beginning balance for which tright here is no journal entry in Subledger Accounting to support that balance.

The Third Party Control Account attribute of the Subledger Accounting (SLA) allows institutions to maintain the breakdvery own of an account balance by third party for asset and licapability accounts.

When a brand-new 3rd party manage account is developed, the account does not have actually an opening balance and also all the transactions posted to the account contain the third party indevelopment. SLA updates the 3rd party balances for eexceptionally transactivity posted to the account. This ensures that user can generate the third party balances report and also properly reconcile the cshedding balance of the account via the sum of the third party balances for that account. When an existing account having actually balance is converted into a manage account tright here will certainly not be any kind of 3rd party balances in the Subledger Accounting and also the 3rd party balances report cannot be produced for that account.

This brand-new feature lets you uppack the initial third party balances for a regulate account and synchronize the account and also third party balances for precise reporting and reconciliation. A new open interchallenge table (xla_ctrl_balances_int) and an import regime are provided to initialize the regulate account balances.

Initialize Control Account Balances

You deserve to upload initial balance for a 3rd party control account for a combination of ledger, application, party and party-website combicountry. An initial balance is in the ledger money for a details duration. This initial balance is carried forward to the succeeding periods.

You define initial balances as Net of Delittle bit (Dr) and also Crmodify (Cr) balance. You cannot define initial balance as sepaprice balances for Delittle and Credit.

You can define an initial balance for a closed period only. You can also define initial balance also after the SLA has produced balances and entries for third party regulate accounts.

Update or Delete Initial Balances

Once the initial balance has actually been gotten in, you deserve to still modify the initial balance. Modifying the initial balance effects the subsequent period balances. The following validations are performed:

The durations prior to the day of initial balance must not have actually any period activity for the combination of third party manage account, application, ledger, 3rd party and also 3rd party website for which the initial balance is uploaded

Initial balance is uploaded just for the 3rd party control accounts.

The duration cshedding standing of the durations for which the initial balance is being uploaded have to be “Closed”.

Submit Conpresent Program to Import File from Interchallenge table into the Base table

Insert the data into the interconfront table (xla_ctrl_balances_int)

Run the conexisting routine, Import Initial Balance for Third Party Control Account, from the duty wright here the data is defined and the application wbelow the manage balance information is intfinished. For example, submit the concurrent program from Payables responsibility

The only parameter for this conpresent regimen is the Purge Option. The valid worths are Purge efficiently processed rows, Purge all rows and also Do not purge.

If you specify Purge successfully processed rows, then just the successfully imported information in the interface table is deleted after handling.

If you specify Purge all rows, then all data in the interface table is deleted after processing.

If you specify Do not purge, then all the data in the interface table will be retained after handling.

The concurrent routine as soon as completed effectively geneprices a report.

The report is separated right into the following sections:

Successfully Initialized Rows

Warnings - GL Balance does not complement SLA Balance after initialization

Failed Initialization Rows

Error Code Details

To Recheck out and Complete Subledger Journal Entries

In the Rewatch Subledger Journal Enattempt page:

Resee all subledger journal entry header and line information

View sustaining referrals.

If budgetary regulate is allowed for the main ledger and also the subledger journal enattempt money standing is Required and Failed, initiate funds check to reserve funds to finish the subledger journal entry. Subledger Accounting retransforms a status of Passed or Failed.

There is no manual reservation of funds and also funds checking cannot be initiated for a budacquire journal enattempt that has actually a standing of Final.

View the budgetary manage validation results if the money condition is Failed by clicking the Funds Validation Results button.

Complete the journal entry

The Complete switch is allowed if the journal entry:

Is a manual journal entry through a status of Draft, Error, or Incomplete

Is an accrual reversal or multiperiod accounting acknowledgment entry with an Incomplete status

Does not belengthy to a reporting currency

Schosen Subledger Journal Enattempt Completion OptionsOptionDescription
DraftResults cannot be transferred or posted to General Ledger; shows up on Subledger Accounting reports or inquiries that are based upon draft entries; entries have the right to be updated and deleted; and cannot percreate funds reservation.
FinalSubledger journal entry is completed; have the right to be moved and also posted to General Ledger; shows up on Subledger Accounting reports and inquiries that are based upon final entries; and funds reservation is performed.
Final and also PostCompletes the subledger journal entry via the status Final; transfers it to General Ledger and also posts it; entry shows up on Subledger Accounting reports or inquiries that are based upon final entries. If the entry is successfully completed and also moved, the condition is Transferred.

Subledger Accounting completes the subledger journal enattempt as follows:

Asindicators the equivalent sequence to the subledger journal entry if completed via Final status

Updates the status of the subledger journal entry

Updates the pfinishing subledger journal enattempt through the equivalent error message if the subledger journal enattempt is not successfully created

Invokes the balance upday program

Note: If the subledger journal entry is for a ledger through reporting currencies, Subledger Accounting creates subledger journal entries for these depictions.

To Duplicate Subledger Journal Entries

In the Duplicate Subledger Journal Entries web page, create a brand-new subledger journal entry from an existing subledger journal enattempt of any kind of status other than Error. When a journal enattempt is duplicated, you can upday all fields other than Balance Type.

Note: If altering the ledger in a replicated journal enattempt and also the new ledger has a different chart of accounts, all lines are cleared bereason the Accounting Flexarea structure is dependent on the brand-new ledger.

To Reverse Subledger Journal Entries

In the Reverse Subledger Journal Enattempt web page, reverse an existing hands-on subledger journal entry in Final condition. Reversal alternatives are:

Switch DR/CR

Change Sign

To Update Subledger Journal Entries

In the Upday Subledger Journal Entries web page, update:

A hand-operated subledger journal enattempt of status Draft, Infinish, or Error

Supporting references for hand-operated subledger journal entries via a standing of Final

A multiperiod recognition or accrual reversal journal enattempt of standing Incomplete

When a hands-on journal enattempt is updated, you can upday all areas except Balance Type and Ledger.

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To Delete Subledger Journal Entries

In the Delete Subledger Journal Entries page, delete a manual subledger journal enattempt for a main or second ledger in Draft or Incomplete standing.